Manuals. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Buick Rendezvous automobile Buick Rendezvous Owners Manuals · Buick. Download your free PDF file of the buick rendezvous on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Buick Rendezvous. ( Free). Buick Rendezvous Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free).

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What are the different types of add-on child restraints?

Buick Rendezvous Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Some add-on electrical equipment can keep other components from working as they should. Where to Put the Restraint Accident statistics show that rendszvous are safer if they are restrained in the rear rather than the front seat. You can be severely injured or killed in a crash if you are not wearing your safety belt — even if you have airbags.

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Rendezvkus pregnant woman should wear a lap-shoulder belt, and the lap portion should be worn as low as possible, below the rounding, throughout the pregnancy.

Your instrument panel will not be lit up. How to Check Lubricant To get an accurate reading, the vehicle should be on a level surface.

buick rendezvous Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Improper service can mean that an airbag system will not work properly. Guick vehicle has a light that comes on as a reminder to buckle up. Check with your dealer before adding equipment to the outside of your vehicle. Your vehicle may have a rear convenience center. Ignition Positions Ignition Positions With the key in the ignition, you can turn it to four different positions.


Unhook the electrical connector by lifting up manuzl gray tabs and separate the connector from the bulb base. If you get too close to the vehicle in front of you, you will not have time to apply your brakes if that rendezgous suddenly slows or stops. Push forward on the release button and the screen will fold down. Loading recommendations for this item If you put things inside your vehicle—like suitcases, tools, packages, or anything else, they will go as fast as the vehicle goes.

Buick Rendezvous Owners Manuals

The exterior lamp control has three positions: Level Control On vehicles equipped with automatic level control, the rear of the vehicle is automatically kept level as you load or unload your vehicle.

Unlock when the ignition key is removed.

Playing a CD If the ignition or radio is turned off, with a CD in the player, it will stay in the player. An Emission Control Service. If the belt is not long enough, see Safety Belt Extender on page How to Check Use a good quality pocket-type gage to check tire pressure. The belt is over an armrest. Batteries can hurt you. Opening the sunroof when the luggage rack crossrails are not in the full-rear position could cause damage to the sunroof or luggage rack.

Place the jack under the vehicle, ahead of the rear bumper. For more information about this label and its location on your rendezvpus, see Loading Your Vehicle on page Suddenly, an animal jumps out in front of you. The examples below show a typical passenger vehicle tire and a compact spare tire sidewall.

In an impact of sufficient severity, the airbag sensing system detects that the vehicle is in a crash. If the rendezvouss or radio is turned off with the CD in the player, it will stay in the player. Push or pull the tab at the bottom of the mirror to adjust it for day or night conditions. Do not park over papers, leaves, dry grass or other things that can burn. Rendezvois main components of the instrument panel are the following: If the airbag readiness light stays reneezvous after you start your vehicle, it means the airbag system may biick be working properly.


Safety Belt Pretensioners 3. Look at the instrument panel cluster for more information.

2005-2007 Buick Aztek & Rendezvous Service & Repair Manual + Wiring

Press this button to display the time when the ignition is turned off. Automatic Transaxle Fluid Dipstick. See Bulb Replacement on page for bulb replacement instructions. Coolant contains ethylene glycol and it will burn if the engine parts are hot enough.

Replace the applique on the liftgate. Your vehicle can tow a trailer. It is an alphabetical list of what is in the manual and the page number where it can be found. The knob for this feature is located on the interior lamps control. Press the left arrow to go to the start of the current track if more than eight seconds have played. Treadwear Traction AA Temperature A The following information relates to the system developed by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which grades tires by treadwear, traction and temperature performance.

Press this knob to switch the display between the radio station frequency and the buik. Press this button to play a cassette tape or a CD when listening to the radio.