Editorial Reviews. Review. Debt-ridden Avery Fleming is determined to find a A Rose In Winter – Kindle edition by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. Ladies and Gentlemen, It is time for another retro romance review. This is one that I read shortly after I discovered The Bride. In fact it was the. Thank you, bitchsdangerous, for the suggestion and I do hope you comment! So, without further adieu A ROSE IN WINTER by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss pgs.

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The characters and settings could also be fully developed without cheating one or the other. Overall, I found him to be a really compelling character with great potential. He was the first man to show Erienne any respect – both physically and emotionally. She does eventually show some degree of loyalty to Lord Saxton, which rode her only redeeming virtue and probably the reason I didn’t just give up on the book altogether.

I thought she was growing out of her tiny world before him; that just as Stuart helped her brother turn into a man and stop putting down himself and others, he was helping her become a woman who recognized character, not appearance. Rather than follow the advice of the rejection letters and rewrite the novel, she instead submitted woodiwis to paperback publishers. I never told you to read it before you said you felt like it.


A Rose in Winter by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

Bonding with the Beast Kindred Tales. To ask other readers questions about A Rose in Winterplease sign up. I was just recently looking through my favorite authors I haven’t read in years and I just realized that Kathleen E. What was depicted in the book seemed a shallow relationship based upon his being handsome and rich and her being beautiful — a sort of love at first sight that never progressed into a meaningful relationship.


The only man barred from the auction is Christopher Seton, the handsome Yankee captain who wounded her brother, and with whom Erienne, against her will, is falling in love. This blurb came from Goodreads. After each step he took, the weighted foot was dragged sideways to meet the other.

A Rose in Winter by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss – FictionDB

I want to reread this now! He also had a good eye for the true colors of others, recognizing that her father was never after her best interests.

The kind who think “no” means “yes” and when a woman tells you to go away forever, it only means for the next few hours at most.

I liked him for all of that but then after the marriage when he continued his attempts to seduce Erienne, which is when I decided that he needed some redemption before becoming a worthwhile hero.

I didn’t buy it. Laura Kinsale 3 Authors: I thought the gist of the romance lacked merit and appeal; that is, the handsome Christopher struggling to convince Erienne to love him instead of her husband, the ugly and malformed Lord Saxton.

Retro Review – A Rose in Winter by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

And coincidentally enough, Erienne’s brother was too a cripple, with the opposite mentality, so one of my favorite demonstrations of Stuart’s character was when he kept inviting him back to the mansion to practice shooting with his only working arm.

Erienne, however, has refused every one of the old men her father has picked for her consideration. I haven’t read this book in years kathleen years, but I still love it. Characters just got taps on the wrist when they misbehaved. You submitted the following rating and review. I loved all the stories by this author and remember reading this one over and over again.


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Brain Capacity of Heroine. I think the author had that in mind, because the things that went wrong for him were all quite amusingly described. She finds herself torn between her duty to the man she has wed and the call of her heart.

Especially respectful given it was and most men didn’t kathleem that way. Beauty and the Beast theme. A politically incorrect, economically impoverished and socially vile opinion!

He really did stalk her everywhere, and yet, like he was some kind of Edward Cullen, all that was ever described was how hawt he looked and how he’d cock an eyebrow and make her shiver or some such bullcrap. The Flame and the Flower was rejected by agents and hardcover publishers, who deemed it as “too long” at pages. Erienne described it as “attacking the instrument”.

When the Splendor Falls. I was just really excited to be woodiwiss a story, especially one I had heard was similar to an already-favorite, The Phantom of the Opera, as well as Beauty and the Beast. The Legend of Nimway Hall.

Prior to the marriage auction, Mr.