Acura RDX – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 31 Oct, by Bjorko. Model: Acura RDX. File size: MB. Acura RDX Owners Manual [Acura] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Acura RDX Owner’s Manual. Also called an operating. View and Download ACURA RDX manual online. ACURA RDX Navigation Manual. RDX Automobile pdf manual download.

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This is due to changes in content and specifications of the vehicle that happen throughout the model year.

This manual will be replaced with a hyperlinked version at the end of the model year. Table of Contents Introduction Table of Contents Map Orientation Introduction Manual Overview The back of this manual contains: Maunal The navigation system is easy to use. Accessories Precautions Important Safety Information The locations of many places of If you have rear window tinting The navigation system can distract your business and entertainment are already installed, be aware that if the tint has attention from the road if you focus on entered in the system.

However, this Current Street Using the navigation system route guidance may sometimes conflict The current street on which your vehicle while driving can take your with current road conditions such as is appears at the acuraa of the map attention away from the road, Introduction Verified streets dark colored Unverified streets light colored These roads are found within metropolitan areas, and These roads are found in rural areas, and typically include When include interstate freeways and major roads connecting residential streets away from the center of a town.

See page 19, Rotating it clockwise Rrx See page Getting Started Upper display Voice Control Basics Shows a summary of the audio and Your vehicle has a voice control system climate control information, as well as that allows hands-free operation of most the time. This summary is helpful as a of the navigation system functions. Getting Started Entering Information When the system finds only one entry that matches, it completes the name entry for you. If the system finds more than one entry that matches your input, a list of these When the system needs input from you, matches is displayed.

Getting Started System Start-up Read this disclaimer carefully so you understand it before continuing. Push in When you turn the ignition to ON IIit on the Interface Dial to select OK, and takes several seconds for the navigation the map screen will appear on the system to boot up.

Getting Started You can save the current location in your Address Book by doing one of the following: Message Icon To view 2070 incident details, use the Indicates that you have a message.

View Interface Dial to position the cursor messages by pushing in on the Interface Dial. The navigation screen can display up- page For more current metro bands on either side of the freeway see to-the-minute traffic information when coverage information, www. The disagree with the information from Map Screen amount of flow data varies considerably other audio or Internet based traffic Zoom in or out so that you are between from one city to another.

Getting Started System Function Diagram This diagram shows the navigation system features, starting at the center and working outward in layers. If OK is selected on the Disclaimer screen, the functions in the yellow segments of the diagram become available. The system has been programmed with This selection allows you to point to a the locations of many businesses, parks, destination on the map using the hospitals, etc. Entering a Destination To enter the city name by voice spelling, The system has a talkback function.

If By Interface Dial: Entering a Destination The system has a talkback function. The system will display a list of street your spoken letter is not recognized, the names, with the closest match to the After you have selected the aacura, or if system will talk back to you.

Map and use the By Address Book range using the voice control system, Interface Dial to select an icon, This selection allows you to choose a you will hear beeps.


Acura Dealers, This category is broken down into types The Category option gives you a list of Honda Dealers, gas station, etc. Dial right, and the review will be read to The subcategories are: Airport, You can view the complete Zagat you.

Entering a Destination After selecting majual category, the system Place Name by Keyword If you select the Sort by Distance maanual will give you the options of 20007 Travel option, the Enter keyword for If you do not know the exact name of Name by Keyword, Sort by place screen appears. Entering a Destination Sort by Acra to Travel City Vicinity Place Name When you select this option, the system The system allows you to find points of When you select this option, the display gives you a list of all the places in the interest in the vicinity of the city you changes to Enter a place name screen.

By Intersection If you know the phone number of a point The Name option allows you to enter After you select Intersection from the of interest POIits uniqueness makes it the name of a business, and then show Enter destination by screen, the the fastest entry method. Listings of cities and towns in the non- your spoken letter is not recognized, the detailed coverage area may have an This is helpful if the street runs through system will talk back to you.

Entering a Destination Selecting the Street To enter the street name by voice The system has a talkback function. Entering a Destination By Interface Dial: The system will display a list of street If you did not select a city in the names, with the closest match to the beginning, and the intersection appears After you have selected the city, or if name you entered at the top of the list. Entering a Destination Select View Dest.

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Entering a Destination Scroll through the list and say the line By Map Input Showing the Map of Current number of the destination, or After you select Map Input from the Position select the desired destination you want. Enter destination by screen, the The Current Position selection display changes to: Entering a Destination Move the cross hairs to the desired Showing the Map of Continental The yellow box indicates the area you destination, then push in on the will see when you click the current map Interface Dial.

The address of the with the Interface Dial. Destination list entries are stored to the Previous Destination list, beginning The system automatically sorts the with the date e. A route typically has 3 phases. If you choose any other want to drive to your destination. Map displays a When you select OK on the Calculate map of the destination vicinity.

Many of the icons and screen features are similar to those on the map screen. Driving to Your Destination When you get near the maneuver, the map screen changes to: On the map screen, the location of the maneuver is marked with a small yellow square. The guidance window is simply an enlargement of the area indicated by the yellow square.

Zooming in increases the detail, while zooming out gives you a view of a wider area. After changing the scale, give the system a few moments to update the display. Therefore, an address if will be exceptions.

Driving to Your Destination For some icons you can choose either to show or hide them on the map, while others like Acura Dealers, are always shown. The table below shows the features for each icon type. Driving to Your Destination Incident icon Icon can be selected as POI can be found on Icon can be Icon can be Icon a destination on the the map screen using POI type displayed on hidden on selection by map screen with aucra voice command the map the map The Edit system is temporarily lacking proper Whenever you are on a map screen, you address book screen with the current GPS information.


AcuraLink messages are displayed on the Navigation screen.

Driving to Your Destination When service information is received from your vehicle or AcuraLink, an envelope icon is displayed in the upper right corner acurq the Navigation screen. The Interface Dial controls most AcuraLink functions.

For more information on AcuraLink, refer to: The display changes to: Command Help, you will see the following screen: Select the line number of the desired Information Features When you make a selection, you will Trip Computer Elapsed Time see the help commands that can be used Shows the elapsed time that the ignition The Trip computer screen displays the with the voice control.

Information Features Map Legend Calendar You can scroll through the calendar day by day by rotating the Interface Dial You can use the Map legend screens to The Calendar option allows you to knob, or select the day by voice.

When learn the meaning of map features, enter events and be reminded of them in you move the Interface Dial 2070 or Information Features Entering Your Schedule Edit Title Delete Say or select Edit Title, then enter the From the Calendar screen, select the Set your schedule acur selecting the day name of your title using the Interface date of the schedule you wish to on the calendar, and the display changes Dial. Information Features Calculator Unit Conversion 4.

Select the base unit that you wish to convert from pounds selected When you say or select Calculator, the To perform a conversion: So, in the example below, display changes to: Enter a numeric value to be converted lbs converts to ounces, 0.

Assistance, you will see the following screen: An Acura Roadside Assistance number is provided as a courtesy to Acura clients.

RDX Service Manual

Home Address You may have up to categories. System Set-up Previous Destinations 2. Scroll through the list and find the Basic Settings address you want to delete. Allows you to delete some or all of your From the Set up screen secondsay or previous destinations. System Set-up Unverified Area Routing Allows you to receive turn-by-turn map and voice guidance in unverified areas when on route to a destination see Map Overview on page 6.

ON The driver wishes to navigate manually by using the It is recommended have the choice of using or not using that you stop and review the map. You must manually choose streets from the map that will lead to your destination. If area to be avoided. Edit avoid area screen. System Set-up Correct Vehicle Position 2.

Select Correct Vehicle Position, 4. Rotate the Interface Dial knob so and the system will display a map the vehicle position arrowhead is The system relies on satellites for adjustment screen. System Set-up Color Map Color Menu Color Allows you to choose the map color Allows you to choose the menu color From the Set up screen secondsay or from one of four colors for the Day and from one of five colors for the Day and select Color and the following screen Night mode. System Set-up Switching Display Mode Display mode Pressing the button allows you to toggle through the screen display modes: Day, Night or Off.

This button has the highest priority and previously selected by this button is canceled, overrides all other display control adjustments and the display mode is determined by one of listed below. Or, you can go to the RDX page in www.

This information is for dealer use only. System Set-up Rear View Camera Brightness Adjustment When in reverse, the navigation hard buttons are locked out, except the rotating portion of the Interface Dial knob. Turn the knob clockwise to make the camera image brighter, and counterclockwise to darken the image.