Ahriman: Exile (Warhammer) [John French] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer seeks the power of the gods. I’ve had Ahriman: Exile for quite some time, but just hadn’t got around to reading it . Talon of Horus is told from the perspective of one of. After much delay, Bellarius gives his thoughts on John French’s tale of the infamous sorcerer in Ahriman: Exile.

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Of all the factions to be found in the 41st millenium, easily some of the most iconic are the ahirman of Chaos. Even among the ranks of the loyalist space marines there are few figures who stand out quite ahrimwn well as the brutally unrelenting Ahriman, Kharn the Betrayer, the enigmatic Cypher of the Fallen Angels, or the dreaded Ahriman of the Thousand Sons.

Any series covering a single one of these characters would be worthy of examination, yet Ahriman: Exile opts for a very different approach than what readers would expect.

Hiding under a false identity among a vessel of scavengers and renegades, Ahriman is little more than a self pitying shadow of the ecile he once was. However, fate is unwilling to allow such a person to remain unnoticed. Taking a very different route from other authors, he presents it almost as a creeping horror much of the time.

This helps the book to stand out from the crowd and many of the best sequences are exilf he gives the story over to this, such as when the heroes are plunged into a world of unnatural darkness. Chief among these are a very unusual breed of Tech-Priest and the remnants of a renegade space marine chapter, who serve to show the gradual slide to Chaos even better than Ahriman himself.


Throughout the book they undergo a gradual shift away from their puritanical routes thanks to necessity, disaster or events beyond their control. Unfortunately, while these ideas are extremely well presented, the book does have quite a few failings which can make it a slog to get through at times.

Too often the environments of scenes ahfiman nebulous or lacking in real description. His writing tends to work best when there is a single domineering theme in the environment or it can stop to focus entirely upon a single subject, but without that it can all to often seem featureless. The dry nature of this writing also carries over to the characters themselves to a degree.

Ahriman: Exile (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

While not as bad as some examples found in Black Library, all too often it seems that the ideas behind the characters are more interesting than their histories or personalities.

Even ignoring ahfiman way the book occasionally plays fast and loose with the canon such as fireball hurling sorcerers playing a major role in a Khornate warband of scavengersmany of the big events lack impact.

In the one time the book actually depicts the Rubric taking place, it is incredibly underwhelming and lacks emotive descriptions the sheer power, horror or details described in prior events. All too often it seems to be telling the reader this information rather than actually showing it.


While we are ajriman an excellent introduction at the start, we see nothing of the one hunting Ahriman until the final ahrimsn chapters and he makes very little impact.

This could have served to build up mystery behind his identity and question just who could be so powerful, but the book lets this slip surprisingly early on. Despite these problems however, Ahriman: Exile is a solid tale which could please many Thousand Sons fans. If you are after great ideas, an interesting examination of corruption and the scars left on a veteran of the Horus Heresy, this is definitely one to pick up.

Atop of the strengths outlined above, it sets some fantastic groundwork for a future series which will hopefully overcome the weaknesses of this tale. Long time reader of novels, occasional writer of science fiction and critic of many things; Bellarius has seen some of the best ahrimab worst the genre has to offer. Find more of his reviews and occasional rants here: Keep up with News and Reviews in a weekly digest!

Ahriman Exile

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