Aquaguard Verve is a complete water purification system which Eureka Forbes guarantee of prompt after sales .. i-Nova / Classic / Hi-Flo/Booster / Compact. Aquaguard I-Nova Sediment Filter Cleaning Method What Aquaguard hides from Surprisingly I got a detailed user manual in pdf format. Aquaguard Total I Nova Water Purifier (UV) Water Purifier – Get Aquaguard Total I Nova Water Purifier (UV) Water Purifier specification, features, photos, reviews.

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Your Aquaguard i-Nova is packed with a host of unique features: I have nothing against the product but the service is probably the worst I have seen from any company so far. Mahaveer Hospital,Hyderabad Now Aquaguard i-Nova takes this tradition oftrust into many janual homes, including yours.

Email required Address never made public. Meet the micro chip that cares for your family Bring down the unit,if it is aquaguarv mounted. I think the newer models are the more problematic ones. Warranty – Terms and ConditionsThe goods are warranted against defects arising from faulty workmanship and materials for a period of 12months from the date of sale.

Power House, Sabarmati,Ahmedabad The improved electronics, built-in voltagestabilizer and a state-of-the-art decalcification system ensurethat aquahuard Aquaguard i-Nova performs at its aquaguzrd, for a longer period.

It will be required if service under Warranty becomes neces-sary. In case of an iniva itcontacts the Eurovigil Central Monitoring System through your phone line. Magnetic con-tact installed on your doors for safety, ensures that when your doors are shut, yourhome remains secure and in case of any attempted break-ins, the alarm sounds.


Aquaguard i-Nova – The future of all purifying systems Hellotoday i’m sharing my view about I-Nova water purifier from Eureka Forbes. If you do these two things routinely there is no need of changing the sediment filter once in a year as said by the company.

Avoid storing water fromyour Aquaguard i-Nova inmatkas and candle filters,as the water will get recon-taminated. Thats the Aquaguard technology advantageworking for you.

Manuao Forbes – Customer Confidence Centre. Upload Photos Upload photo files with. Does drinking water from Aquaguard i-Nova make you lose your naturalimmunity? Convenient In-Built Flush System: Gujarat Vidyapith, Ashram Road,Ahmedabad The Company or its authorised agent will be entitled to retain any defective part replaced underthe Warranty.

This cycle is then repeated everytime water is drawn until replacements have been done. As usual, each little detail hasbeen researched, analysed, checked and then re-checked. Leading hospitals and clinics have installed the unit.

We recommend servicing ofAquaguard i-Nova at leastonce in twelve months. Oct 15, Due to service problem I bought offline purifier. Theseindications will continue till the service technician has carried outthe replacements. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here My I-nova is not working since Sunday 15th June’14, I have been given complaint number Upload menu files with.

Aquaguard I-Nova User Manual

Called them many times but its of no useNever take AMC. Continue tokeep the music switch pressed for 10 seconds. You have been loggedin via facebook. The service engineer never turns up on time for service.

Cash Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance You can connect it to the CMS network if and when you upgrade your homeunder the Eurovigil electronic security monitoring. Jul 04, I have placed a aqaguard request with Aquaguard since 11 days now.


I feel this review is: Since water purifier is an essential item in the household we bring you some guidelines that will help you make the optimum choice.

To switch on the unit, press thePower switch. Invoice shall mean the invoice for the purchase of goods issued by the Company its franchisee or itsDealer describing the goods and indicating inter alia the total purchase price thereof, the name of theCustomer and the place where the goods are to aquzguard installed. Since 9 years we have used this product and had never got problem. Please avoid dealing with unauthorised service mechanics to ensure that yourAquaguard i-Nova performs at its best.

The cartridge can be removed bypulling out the eye of the top capof cartridge.

Aquaguard I-Nova User Manual

Signature of Sales Person: A vast network of service centres manned by experienced service representatives. Housing Board, Sathuvachari,Vellore In fact excessive boiling may remove Calcium and Magnesium essential for thehuman body.

Drinking untreated water is a cause of various diseases. Thank you for sharing the requirements with us. An advanced intrusiondetection system, using state-of-the-art technology for total security.