Arabska-Przedpełska B, Pawlicka H. Endodoncja. Endodontium. Barańska- Gachowska M. Endodoncja wieku rozwojowego i dojrzałego. Czelej, Lublin . Sól sodowa kwasu podchlorawego. W r-rze wodnym dysocjuje do kwasu. podchlorawego HOCl i jonów podchlorynu OCl-. Stosunek jonów. Badanie miazgi z użyciem testów diagnostycznych. TESTY SPECJALISTYCZNE FOTMETRIA PULSOKSYMETRIA Ocenia utlenowanie krwi.

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Temperature change in the pulp chamber during the application of heat przedpeeka composite and amalgam cores and its returning time to oral heat. Quality guidelines for endodontic treatment: Clin Transplant ; The history of direct pulp capping.

Introduction The inventor of digital radiography, Dr Francis Mouyen, used to say that a dentist without radiological diagnosis is like a luxury car driver with his eyes covered [ 1 ].

A comparative study of Dental pulp response to several pulpotomy agents. Impact of the quality of coronal restoration and root canal filling on pfzedpeska periapcal health in adult syrian subpopulation. A description of the procedures is presented below in the example of two different bone defects. During the examination the arm rotates around the patient’s head by performing a series of projections. Dent Clin North Am.

Badanie miazgi z użyciem testów diagnostycznych by Mateusz Weigle on Prezi

In practice, frequently observed deficient bone quantity becomes a challenge for the surgeon. One of the basic conditions for successful implant rehabilitation is an adequate alveolar bone base. Three-dimensional virtual technology in reconstruction of mandibular defect including condyle using double-barrel vascularized fibula endodonjca.


Conservation of human research teeth by controlling cavity depth. Mineral trioxide aggregate repair of lateral root perforations.

LECZENIE BIOLOGICZNE MIAZGI ZĘBÓW STAŁYCH | Makowiecki | Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences

Response of human dental pulp capped with Biodentine and mineral trioxide aggregate. Int J Dentdoi: InVivo Dental Anatomage is easy to use and quickly visualizes transparent hard tissue, detailed bone profile, soft tissues, sinus anatomy, airways and skin profiles. The main disadvantage of these images is their 2-dimensionality.

Visualization of implants placement in the mandible using Simplant software. J Periodontal Implant Sci.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Post-cystectomy bone defect — periapical cyst located in the anterior part of the maxilla The CBCT Gendex scans showed an osteolytic defect extending from the upper right central incisor to the upper left canine through the width of the maxilla from the buccal to the palatal site Photo 9. Mineral trioxide aggregate or calcium hydroxide direct pulp capping: MLA Winiarski, Marcin et al.

In cases requiring tooth replacement advanced 3-dimensional imaging software enabled simulation of dental implant installation.

Bone Marrow Transplant ; Pulp liability and repaireffect of restorative procedures. A model study on flapless implant placement by clinicians with a different experience level in implant surgery. Dental pulp lesions covered with albumin. J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Endodlncja Pol ; 9: Through the use of these programs scans could be processed into 3-dimensional high-quality simulation, which enables one to plan the overall treatment.


Heart transplants — assessment of dental procedures. In many cases, these defects could not be detected or adequately diagnosed on conventional 2D radiographs.

Tooth survival following non-surgical root canal treatment: Reliability of two different presurgical preparation methods for implant dentistry based on panoramic radiography and cone-beam computed tomography in cadavers.

Study on the necessity for cross-section imaging of the posterior mandible for treatment planning of standard cases in implant dentistry. A retrospective study of direct pulp capping with calcium hydroxide compounds.

Pomeranian Journal of Life Sciences

Keys to clinical success with pulp capping: Oral Surg Oral Med. Dental CBCT equipment and performance issues. In this article methods of visualization are demonstrated and compared, in the example of 2 cases of reconstruction of advanced jaw bone defects using tissue engineering.

The most precise method allowing an accurate assessment of osseous conditions is 3-dimensional computed tomography.