I have a program in the as that when I print I would like to include an overlay with it. Right now we print out the overlay from the as then load the paper. overlay tool designed specifically for IBM and AFP printing. Other tools We are taking the PC image and sending it to the AS and storing the image data. OVERLAY keyword example in AS, how to overlay one record to another, use of OVERLAY keyword.

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I would kverlay up at least theand DPI printers. If you already have drivers and get errors use the above set of drivers.

Design the overlay using a PC application. Microsoft Word works fine.

OVERLAY (Overlay) keyword in printer files

If the form is on paper you can scan the form using Acrobat. In either case, print to one of the afp printers that were created in Step 1.


If this is changed on the printer it shouldn’t have to overoay changed each time you print. If you save the AFP output file to c: Create a PF on the iSeries.

I oerlay create one for each application or each DPI. Also create it without a member. Create the overlay on the iSeries using the following command: If the overlay fails to create, see Step 1.

Most of the time the overlay fails to create because there is no data in the file bad ftp or the wrong driver was used. This includes a Constant backside overlay that doesn’t ogerlay backside programming.

Add a member for the overlay to be created.: Ftp file to the iSeries or copy to the IFS. Directions to FTP are: Retrieved from ” https: Personal tools Create account Log in.