Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. By the time she’s 28 years old, British -born Quinn Bed Rest – Kindle edition by Sarah Bilston. Download it once. In this humorous and touching debut, Sarah Bilston tells the story of a busy career a breeze – until she’s ordered off her feet for complete and total bed rest. Three months of bed rest forces a pregnant lawyer to reexamine her life.

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I liked it because unlike those novels which are romantic in tone, this novel is bounded in what happens after the honeymoon. Q is a grown up grappling with major issues of a workaholic husband, down right cruel sister, boredom of bedrest, and the terror of complications with the baby.

Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston – Books – Hachette Australia

I also couldn’t imagine having to spend weeks on end only laying on your left side. Mar 20, Ana rated it liked it. The main character was totally unlikeable.

Q and husband Tom seem to have it all. However, after a mere seven or This was a good audio book and my first by Sarah Bilston. Besides the fact that as I suspected the author wrapped up all the angst of the previous couple hundred pages in about two pages at the end. At first, she figures it will be a breeze, after all, Q has never been one who has a hard time keeping herself busy or entertained. It was a quick read that kept my interest, but I had expected a shopaholic type character with silly high jinks.

Initially bored and frustrated, Q soon fills her days by trying to reconnect with her workaholic husband, provide legal advice for her sweet Greek neighbor, forge new emotional bonds with her mother and sisters, and figure out who will keep her stocked up in cookies and sandwiches. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

LOL I am done. Both completely self centered. At the end, she and her husband are barely talking, but as usual somehow magically work it all out! Bed Rest 1 3 Feb 14, Lists with This Book.

Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston

It had its flaws, and sometimes could be a bit dry, but it was entertaining. Q is a whining, mean woman whose bed rest just makes her personality worse. It’s unlikely I’ll pick up any more of Sarah Bilston’s works.

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I am thoroughly surprised that this novel, although comedic in tone, wrestles with some incredibly strong conflicts which I am enjoying thoroughly. I’m assuming HOPING that eventually she will realize what an awful, awful person she is and come to realize that she needs to stop being such a bitch to people around her, but honestly, I can’t deal with her until then.

As we all know, Happily ever after doesn’t always exist and here we find a heroine who struggles with what she is supposed to be and what she actually is. However as a Bookcrosser, it was to me astounding that the heroine did not mention reading any books until page out of and some aspects if the ending felt a little rushed. Well, the author did a good j This book was pretty good. The demands of being a successful corporate lawyer in New York meant Q her snappy nickname and her husband, Tom, spent most days amassing huge billable hours.

In this humorous and touching debut, Sarah Bilston tells the story of a busy career woman who finds her pregnancy a breeze – until she’s ordered off her feet for complete and total bed rest. Sarah Bilston is British but lives in Connecticut. However, after a mere seven or eight days, she’s sure she going to go out of her mind with boredom.

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She is married with one daughter. But when her doctor tells her she has to spend the last three months of her pregnancy lying in bed, Q is thrown into a tailspin by the idea that her social and professional life must come to a total stop.

I was a bit surprised by how dark things got before the dawn, but I did enjoy it – the problem bfd Brianna and her married lover was actually awfully funny. It took me longer, because I didn’t feel particularly compelled to pick this book up when I had some free time. Her job is not all that it is cracked up to be, her family may be a bit more misunderstood than she imagined and most earth shatteringly that her marriage may not be as solid as she’s once imagined.

So I give up!

This was an ok book better left on the shelf rather reet reading it although it was a short read, it felt really really long probably like her bed rest period felt for her. Her husband obviously tried very hard to fix food for her, but is bioston extraordinarily busy with his job supporting them both while she is off work, and she has no appreciation for anything he does.


Thinking it was another shallow yet enjoyable book in the genre of “chick lit” by another British author.

I don’t think I made it past 30 sorry, I’m reading on a Kindle and don’t know what page I was on when I finally hit the wall. A frustrating, lonely, cookie-eating time. Life is too short to force myself to finish crap books, so into the DNF pile for you.

Ah, the conflict of work and parenthood! I liked it because unlike those novels which are romantic in tone, th Currently, I am thoroughly enjoying this book which I misjudged. I enjoyed the book which is written in the form of a diary – Q is quite a funny character, but I felt it was a kind of bittersweet kind of humour.

Which six-month pregnant woman with an Oxford education and a supposedly high-powered job has never heard of amniotic fluid?

Currently, I am thoroughly enjoying this book which I misjudged. She is needy and selfish and awful towards her husband and her friend that comes to visit her. What finally did it for me was when Q the protagonist describes a scene taking place in the building across the way from her’s basically, she’s peeping into other people’s apartments.

Mar 18, Abigail the Fangirl rated it liked it.

As for her husband, she is in a constant battle with him the entire book and talks negative about him as well. She’s ticked off most of the boxes on her list of Things To Do Before Hitting Thirty and her life so far has been relatively painless.

Preview — Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston. On the surface it is a witty tale of a woman ordered to be on bed rest for the remaining 15 weeks of her pregnancy.