Series By Jennifer Rardin; Books By Jennifer Rardin from: $ #1. Another One Bites the Dust. from: $ #2. Biting the Bullet. from: $ #3. Bitten to. Nov 15, Jennifer Rardin, who has died unexpectedly at the age of 45, was the The seventh novel, Bitten in Two, which takes place in Marrakech. May 27, Title: Bitten in Two (Jaz Parks #7} Author: Jennifer Rardin Published: Orbit November Synopsis: Jaz Parks here. I. Am. Pissed. Just as.

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Once you get past that beginning part there are fight scenes galore, wonderful humor, and many resolutions to plot threads that were left dangling in the last book. She is running out of time. You are thrown into the Jaz, Vayl and their crew have just iennifer in Morocco to find an artifact that will send the demon possessing Jaz back to hell.

She and Vayl had been operating like a couple of finely carved gears…until now. He had the bittej funny scenes and I loved them! The next and last book in the series, which Jennifer completed before passing away, is The Deadliest Bite and is due out June 02, And if anyone has read this I had a thought pop into my head when I read that Helena had twins in America.

Only problem is that somewhere from the time they got to Morocco and the start of the book someone cursed Vayl and he is now living back in and believes that Cole and Jaz are his housekeepers the Berggia’s and that Bergman is his ward.

Jennifer Rardin obituary

She completely revised the book, which now took the harder path of first-person narrative, a choice that allowed Rardin to speak “straight from Jaz’s mouth ln the reader’s ear”.

Val, Jaz, Cole, Bergman and Astral the cat, are all on an operation in Marrakech, Morocco looking for the Rocenz, the stone that will once and forall release the demon Brude, Lucifer’s assassin, from Jaz’s mind. I felt horrible for Jaz through most of the book, Vayl was of course not himself so she felt really alone. Talk about a birthday from Hell. Outrageous and pretty damn funny too!


Nov 22, Summer rated it really liked it Shelves: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But the major problem with that is a curse has been placed on Vayl and his stuck in the past and being a real jerk.

Raoul – I always liked him and reading about his love life in this book made me smile. I biften like to know more about him. Bergman, another source of hilarity, exposes his secrets in a drug-filled haze and jeez, were they embarrassing.

Bitten in Two (Jaz Parks, #7) by Jennifer Rardin

And that’s hard to do when she doesn’t have much of a clue as to where to start and to top it off she does have another mission she needs to be working on. He won’t remember who she is, misses her birthday and thinks she’s his house maid Mrs. Jaz Parks 8 books. Then while roaming the streets of Marrakech trying to save Vayl from himself Jaz picks up an unwanted admirer, err To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There is only one book left in the series, and I have loved it up till this one.

It was quite comical, but frustrating as well, since Jaz was frustrated. I am saddened by Jennifer Rardin’s untimely death, she was a good writer with a vivid imagination, I know that the final book of the series was completed and sent to the publisher in the days before her death, but I would have loved to read more from her.

Jan 13, Angie Mind Malfunction rated it it was amazing. Her Q-like character Bergman ushers in a fun amount of tech that supports the super spy theme. These urban fantasy novels never disappoint, and Bitten in Two is no exception. The reader joined the plot-line after it had already been happening for three days. Cole too wasn’t really his usual self, but I like him still.


There’s a lot of twists to the story, specially at the end, they just kept coming. This story they are in Morocco to secure a artifact that is going to save Jaz’s life. Of course complications ensued, just like they always do, yet the gang has never once thought about giving up.

When Val, as his self, visits a seer, the seer tells him that his love is right in front of him, and that Jaz’s ultimate future is in his hands. This aspect makes it tedious to follow the story.

Just when all could be lost, Vayl leaps into the gate and chops off the hand holding onto Bergman. Other books in the series. I realize Cassandra warned her that she must play along with the “game” or Vayl could be permanently damaged.

Finally, Jaz’s inner voices just became lame. The story itself was Jaz and crew trying to find an important artifact that was somewhat demon related and would help Jaz out with her little problem currently residing in the recesses of her mind.

Find the Rocenz, a demon hammer and chisel. View all 13 comments. Read Currently Reading Want to Read. They thought it would be a simple smash and grab, but someone has tampered with Vayl’s memory.

In some cases I really liked it but in others I found it hard to read and it left me wanting to put it down. The combination of the two worlds, reality and fantasy, makes the genre my favourite and one in which I’ll never tire of writing.