Daniel sees numbers as shapes, colours and textures and can perform Touching as well as fascinating, Born On A Blue Day explores what it’s like to be . Born on a Blue Day. A Memoir of Asperger’s and an Extraordinary Mind. Daniel Tammet First published in Great Britain in by Hodder. Daniel Tammet is the author of “Born on a Blue Day,” about his life with high- functioning autistic savant syndrome. He runs the language-learning site Optimnem.

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He has Savant Syndrome, an extremely rare form of Asperger’s that gives him almost unimaginable mental powers, much like the Rain Man portrayed by Dustin Hoffman.

Tammet has participated in a lot of research danieo to help us understand more about how people with autism think and process. I can understand his proficiency with numbers because it is tied to his concrete, exact, logical way of looking at the world, but how can he be so good at learning languages which are not logically structured?

A unique and singular vision of a man “different” who let us see inside inside his brain GOP candidate kept corporate donations despite requests to return them, filings show.

Daniel Tammet doesn’t exhibit the greatest literary style in his Born on a Blue Day. He matriculated in and completed his Advanced level studies in French, German, and History two years later.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. OK, here is another one – how did he manage to go off to Lithuania by himself? Eventually he put out his finger for her to climb onto, then tammrt home to begin his lady bug collection, a collection later tossed by a teacher who asked him to bring it to class, but then feared the hundreds of bugs would escape into the classroom.

Despite these mild frustrations, it is clear that Tammet is an amazing young man. Whenever someone describes visiting a beautiful place, I recall my numerical landscapes and how happy they make me feel inside. It reads as a series of anecdotes strung together; however, that doesn’t matter. I enjoyed this book much more than I thought I was going to. Instead, most of the book is a slow sl I think I was expecting something different when I picked up this book and even after I had seen part of the movie that was made about Daniel Tammet’s life.


It took him over five hours to recite all those numbers by memory! To me, every number is special. When multiplying, I see the two numbers as distinct shapes. Daniel Tammet also has savant syndrome. The most remarkable events are the changes that happened inside Daniel.

Daniel Tammet | Speaker | TED

More astonishing to me, in some ways, is his ability to learn a new language from scratch to fluency in a week. If I were ever going to find my book one day, I was going to have to write it first.

I am in no way as extraordinary as Tammet, but I feel that I can relate to many of his feelings of anxiety in different situations.

Still, I am left with question after question after question.

Daniel Tammet: Different ways of knowing | TED Talk

Perhaps because he is able to see patterns which I do not see. Seeing words in different colors and textures aids my memory for facts and names. According to a study by the U.

Daniel Tammet was born in a working-class suburb of London, England, on 31 Januarythe eldest of nine children. It provides a rare glimpse into the mind of a person who is both autistic and a savant. I like my birth date, because of the way I’m able to visualize most of the numbers in it as smooth and round shapes, similar to pebbles on a beach.

He also loves the quiet that envelopes the game room, allowing him to block out distractions. A Memoir of Asperger’s and an Extraordinary Mindactually seems more representative of the text tammef.

Then I can see in my mind’s eye just how beautiful and special the primes are by the way they stand out so sharply from the other number shapes. It’s an amazing, inspiring story. This is a succinct, no-frills novel that is a perfect primer for anyone wanting to dip their toes into what the water’s like for the life of a person on the Autism Spectrum.

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I don’t downplay the autism aspect though, for anyone who wants to understand better what it’s like to be in the shoes of someone who toils with the challenge of autism, either as an individual or a caretaker, this tammef really helps break it dya very personally and clearly.

Daniel Tammet

But they are remarkable events just the same. That, to me, seems like quite a joy. It is, as promised, a glimpse into an “extraordinary mind,” but it’s not just all the things the author says about his experiences the time he recited the digits of pi for a record setting length, the time he first overcame significant fear to fly on a plane, when he become public speaker counseling others on the minds of danjel there’s also the way in which you feel you are reading the equivalent of a “paint by numbers” memoir.

Bu immoral, doesn’t tell the truth: Lists with This Book. I agree to an extent it is clear that the book’s heart is in the sections describing numbers, dat and his meeting with fellow savant Kim Peek but I also understand why he chose to include his life history. Tammet describes how he thinks–in shapes, numbers and colors. For example, the Finnish word tuli is orange to me and means “fire. This is a must read book and one which has stayed with me.