Gary Soto, Author Harcourt Children’s Books $17 (p) ISBN 2 Though the “”buried onions”” analogy of the title is a tad overworked–Eddie. When nineteen-year-old Eddie drops out of college, he struggles to find a place for himself as a Mexican American living in a violence-infested neighborhood of. In Buried Onions, what did Mr. Stiles do at the end of Chapter 6? At the end of Gary Soto. A Summer Life. Gary Soto. Small Town with One Road. Gary Soto.

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Almost any reader would like to read a story about some kid who is trying to turn his life around all on his own when almost everything is bured him. Do you think Eddie makes the right choices? Why does Solomon suddenly want to beat up Eddie? After huried gets in that fight he realizes Angel will eventually come looking for him with his aunt’s gun. As a result, we get almost laughable sentences like, when Eddie refers to a couple of cops, “they smelled like hamburgers and hate”. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

For all of Eddie’s maturation, he makes very little in the way of his perception of women. Eddie narrates the novel, but his voice bkried never so consistently his own that I am able to believe that it’s not just Soto pulling strings in the background. At first I thought it was just going to be another boring book I had to read for school, but I actually quite enjoyed it. Nineteen year eoto Eddie is attempting to escape the barrio life he was raised in, but a lot of bad luck seems to follow him, and no matter what he does gwry seems he gets dragged down deeper into a lifestyle he is trying to escape.

Just wait until you read the book Buried Onions. He doesn’t know what to do after that since the chances of him catching the murderer have dramatically decreased, and he hopes to find a better way of life for himself.

The plot was really rich and showed a lot of great detail.

Another example that exploited this theme was when Eddie traveled to his godmother’s house towards the end of the story. They would consistently come to Eddie begging for his help, to the point where his aunt even tried to sneak him a gun, but just as continuously Eddie would ignore their pleas.

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It fit what the author was trying to do, which was show some one trying to make a difference in the midst of violence and hatred. There are many themes throughout this book, I feel like you could receive so many messages from it.

Trying to get out. This is a very gritty and realistic story that does not gloss over the hardships of life. Recently he has discovered that he enjoys baking cookies. Explain your answer using at least two pieces of evidence with analysis.

The ending was also very negative when it seemed to be that Eddie failed at achieving his dream and that he turned out to be like a normal citizen in that area of Fresno. A common day example being how Donald Trump wishes to deport all immigrants and refugees, despite the dangers they face at home he is willing to ship them back.

Through it all, Eddie has no goals, nothing to look ahead to, his only thought being survival. I believe the characters were believable, especially Eddie.

Buried Onions

I think this is totally worthwhile, but I wonder how many of these words would be looked up and how many just skipped. I think it would be a good choice for a differentiated literature circle, providing comprehension and reader-response questions for deeper consideration along the way. But this too goes awry when his boss’s truck is stolen while in his care. Another theme the author expressed was not to run with the wrong crowd. Throughout the book, he kept using onions to describe people and their sadness.

It was well written and it was very realistic because gang violence really does happen, and anyones life could be taken at any time. Eddie dreams of having a permanent job, getting out of his violent neighborhood, and keeping out of trouble all while steering himself in a positive direction.

Everyone in the story knew what the other was going through. He lost his cousin becuase he was into gangs and gang related violence. Also, it includes Spanish phrases without also including the translation though they are in the glossary.


Eddie has lost his father, two uncles, best friend, and most recently his cousin. It tackles real problems in real settings with real attitudes and offers real insight into the minds of, for all intents and purposes, real people.

Published April 30th by HarperTrophy first published Jul 14, Jennifer rated it liked it. His mother won’t help him out financially. Then I was also able to catch it as a negative approach. Eddie has the aura of a defeated man. Or will he get sucked in, just as many of his peers have, adding to the violent and deceitful environment that is Fresno?

So he decides to enroll in the navy. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. You thought your life was a mess?

He had made it through alot of things in his life. There are many them You thought your life was a mess?

Buried Onions by Gary Soto | Scholastic

I love the fact that it is located in Fresno because it is really fitting for this plot and storyline. Eddie is also nineteen years old in this book so most high school students would be able to relate and understand the book a little better just based off of Eddie’s age.

I liked Eddie’s perserverance but also the frank manner in which he approached his situation, and it gave me an appreciation for how difficult it is for Nineteen year old Eddie is attempting to guried the barrio life he was raised in, but a lot of bad luck seems to follow him, and no matter what he does it budied he gets dragged down deeper into a lifestyle he is trying to escape.

Buriex lives in a tired barrio, filled with gang violence and poverty. Instead, he eeks out a living by spray painting house numbers on curbs, and doing odd jobs for people if he can persuade them to let him work for them. I like how he compared it to Bazooka bubblegum, which has connotations of being common, cheap, and childish.

It even all made sense after you put the pieces together.