“Can’t Be Saved” is the second single from Senses Fail’s second album, Still Searching. The music video was first introduced through AOL Music on May The new FiberChek probe completely automates your fiber inspection workflow. Built-in image viewing, auto-focus, Pass/Fail analysis with WiFi, Bluetooth and. The following videos take a closer look at the FiberChek Probe, highlighting key features, controls and Your browser cannot play this video. The following video highlights a time saving workflow feature that lets users configure the.

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For example, if you are using a system with both a FVD and P microscope attached and click on New while you are viewing a live image of the FVD system, a new window will launch with the P Probe image displayed. Visit our web site at www. When you click eave Test Fiber! However, the accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed, and no responsibility is assumed for any inaccuracies.

Inventory and Ecommerce Management. The HTML report allows its archived information to be customized and activated at a later date see cany In fact, the only time you need to change any of the hardware on the probe is when you attach a new inspection tip, as fibrchek2 later.

Sony is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation. The Archive Format section allows you to select the type of file the reports are saved as. Within the Fiber section, define the fiber kind, the cladding diameter, and the core diameter. Failure criteria must then be established for each zone that is defined. Other methods of payment are outlined through the online checkout process.


This enables a single PC to host two workstations. It is possible to have two images displayed live xave the same time in two different windows.

Certain orders may take longer for processing due to comprehensive final service inspections A Shipment Tracking number s will be provided to inform Buyers of their expected ETA Estimated Time of Arrival. We suggest you set the value fairly high e. The Auto Archive Files section allows you to customize the file names for the results being archived.

Failure criteria are simply the thresholds that determine what is not acceptable.

Read the Release notes. Image When you launch the application and load a fiber into the microscope, you can focus and see a live image of the fiber. FiberChek2 takes full advantage of the high-resolution digital camera within USB 2. Patch cords can also be viewed using a FMA Series adapter with a universal flare adapter see page 6. Flat Lens Optical devices that collimate light using a flat lens to a desired beam diameter; when selecting this setting, specify cladding diameter.

User Guide About FiberChek For scratches, the matter is more complicated and is discussed in detail in the following paragraphs. Turn the Focus Control clockwise right until it stops.

If you are using a high-quality fiber, the software will automatically find the edges of the fiber and you can simply click Next or AutoCal Finish to complete the A calibration process.

You can also perform this function by using key strokes. By developing and introducing the equipment and software to inspect, analyze and clean fiber connectors, JDSU is able to provide a comprehensive solution for the performance and preservation of fiber optic interconnects.

ā€ˇFiberChekMOBILE on the App Store

The main components of a fiber connector are detailed below: Xant tip is compatible with 2. Each camera is programmed during manufacture to encode what type of microscope, magnification and lighting is installed in that system.


The diagram below details three zones superimposed over a fiber image. Return the equipment, freight prepaid, to the address given by the support personnel. By choosing either the Maximize button in the top right corner of the application or the Full Screen command from the View menu, you can size the live image to cover the entire screen. Opens the Profiles dialog box to allow you to create, edit, and delete inspection profiles.

Screen Resolution Color Quality If you experience problems with the graphics display on your PC verify that the Hardware acceleration slider is set to full. It features an image capture button to conveniently and fibrchek2 capture fiber end face images on screen.

JDSU: User Manual – FiberChek2

When you launch FiberChek2 the system will display a live low-magnification fiberfhek2. In some cases, many sets of profiles may be needed to accommodate different levels of performance requirements, which may lead to a very large list of profiles and become cumbersome. From the Profiles dialog box you can determine which profiles will be available from the main window and can add, edit and delete profiles.

Your payment is expected within 5 days after the auction close.

Most scratches appear light in nature relative to the cladding, but occasionally process dependent appear dark in color.