We have many brands such as Uteco, Windmöller and Hölscher, Comexi, Fischer and Krecke, and others in our database. Contact us today if you are looking for. Comexi FM used 6 colors;mm printing width; Possible test. Fischer and Krecke 10 DF/8 C.. 8 colours, mm printing width; In production · Comexi FM d’occasion 6 colors;mm printing width; Possible test. Fischer and Krecke 10 DF/8 C.. 8 colours, mm printing width; In production.

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While it can be used for all ink systems, it performs especially well in combination with UV inks. Seemingly a small cog in the big flexo printing machine wheel – yet the end seals play a vital part in the proper functioning of the chamber doctor blade system. This material can also be a feasible concept for presses that run at relatively low speed and thus do not wear off the seal heavily.

Fiscuer 9 colour flexographic press. Olivia is our newest, most efficient press.

Used Film Printing Machine

Used Comexi Flexo Press: Used flexo presses with nine colours. Used 8 Colour Gearless Flexo Press: The NW material is stiff synthetic foam that is often used when the set up of the chamber doctor blade system requires a rather thin end seal. Fisfher gearless flexo presses with eight colours. Longlife B black and Longlife W white end seals consist of different felt types, which are treated with a special thermo impregnation.

Universal end seals are complex designs that are adjusted with highest precision to the chamber geometry and can only be manufactured in a molding process. Being resistant against all usual printing inks and cleaning agents, it offers an good performance cost ratio. Translating the cmoexi into a tangible sealing solution.


Click the number of colours that suits your requirements: This press was shipped on 19 semis to our facility. Did you know that lubrication grease. Maria has been an extremely reliable press, printing up to line screen.

Used Flexo Presses ¦ Used Flexographic Presses

Our flexo end seal catalogue gives some inspiration. The LD40 material is synthetic foam with a very high flexibility. The lubricant which is used for impregnation is food and cosmetic safe, that is why this sealing concept is often used for packaging printing applications. The world of flexo printing is manifold: Kalina represents our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of process and quality. In doing so, we do not necessarily need to start from scratch – there are a lot of coatSEAL solutions that have proven themselves already and are used at diverse printing shops around the world.

Machine fidcher and model, ink type, printing speed, chamber geometry, substrate, final print product, load factor of the press, all these are important factors for the sealing concept and sealing material choice. Therefore this sealing concept is mainly used for high volume serial production.

Like all of our presses, Angelina is capable of printing both paper and film, but we envision it will become more focused on printing paper as time goes on.

Choosing the right production method is crucial to achieving smooth sealing surfaces and a neat sealing shape. Like Maria, Sophia has been a dependable, hardworking press since the beginning. The latest technology, gearless flexo press. End seals made of the Longlife material show a remarkably long lifespan, especially in combination with water based inksand thus keep the chamber leak-proof for a long period.


Nine colour flexographic fscher. How can we help you?

Name Phone Email How can we help you? We supply used gearless flexo presses by all the renowned press manufacturers, such as: Maria was the press that gave Legacy Flexo its start.

It enhances the anti-frictonal properties of the co,exi, which means less ink residues causing leakage. Thanks to their extremely high restoring force AIR80 seals withstand compression and distortion and thus qualifiy for mechanically demanding applications.

Comexi FM 2100 d’occasion

The registration and overall capabilities of this press are world class. This material performs very well with solvent based inks but is also a feasible option for water based inks. This press was put to work fischet away by printing over truckloads of paper as its first task, which it handled with ease.

Geared CI Flexo Presses. The magic word is custom-designed. Looking for a specific manufacturer? We put all our hopes and dreams on its shoulders and it has never let us down. The application comrxi of narrow web label printing compared to wide web flexible packaging production or coating and converting applications differs considerably and so do the demands on end seals.

Used 8 colour flexographic press. This press was right there with us when we started in Six colour flexographic press. Used gearless flexo presses with ten colours. Identifying the most suitable sealing concept. The Universal material consists of wear resistant rubberwhich is suitable for all kinds of printing inks and flscher agents and performs extremely well also in high speed applications.