Dasa Mula Tattva is a philosophical treatise written by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura. Dasa Mula Tattva is a must-have book for any serious student of Gaudiya. Everyone should know the true conception of jiva-tattva, the established truth of the spirit soul, and for this purpose I will explain the Dasa-mula. The Ten Maxims of Sri Krishna Caitanya – Sri Dasamula-niryas may very well be classified under the appellative aspect of absolute truth (abhidheya-tattva).

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Manifested throught eternal existence as in the tranquil dhama of Vrndavana and the like, that veary independent enjoyer of Vraja, Sri Krsna, is eternally present as deeply engrossed in the transcendental mellow of spiritual relationshi p.

He is subservient and thus dawa a state of being enslaved and subject to mundane earthly enjoyment because of his infinitesimal form. When the requirement of love for Krsna is fulfilled and the living entity is purified, he is then considered to be one among the valets of those confidantes and starts enjoying eternal blissful existence, remaining ever-charged with the pleasure of offer ing service to Radha Krsna, which state of existence is the highest requirement of all living entities.

Upon acquainting the disciple with the substance of the mahamantra, the spiritual master will then fully pronounce his disciple with the true significance of relationships with the Supr eme Personality of Godhead.

Very speed and fine. The greatness of God cannot be comprehended by the living entities, who are part and parcel of God.

Sri Krsna with newly-formed cloud complexion, personified eternal, blissful and full of knowledge, txttva be described with the word Hari. Besides these sixty transcendental qualities, Krsna has four more, which are not manifest even in the Narayana form of Godhead, what to speak of the demigods or living entities.

It is a kind of pastime of Krsna. When all the qualities of parental relationship become highly coveted, then this relationship is turned into ero tic sentiment and this erotic sentiment is the highest of all the transcendental mellows.

Through such a mundane cycle of activities sometimes one may attain heavenly planets and tzttva also undergo hellish condition – thus travelling through eighty-four lakhs of species. The five forms of sacramental purification samskara will be the rituals through the process of offering service to the black goede salagram as the symbol of Visnu and to the deities so that a living entity, now involved in material relationship, may very well be rendered steadfast in developing true relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krsna.


Offence are classified in two categories, thus – offenses in offering serves and offenses in chanting the holy name.

The Ten Maxims of Sri Krishna Caitanya – Sri Dasamula-niryas | Sri Narasingha Chaitanya Ashram

While chanting the holy name and avoiding such offences, the wealth of devotional daas is soon attained. Everyone should know the true conception of jiva-tattva, the established truth of the spirit soul, and for this purpose I will explain the Dasa-mula Tattva the ten conclusive truths established by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as written by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura in Sri Jaiva-dharma.

However, this sort of delusion about one’s own constitutional position may not be eliminated in a day, and as such, it should be developed through a gradual process of practicing service to Lord Krsna. The objective will be to o ffer the worship in a purified manner. Those mila entities have two divisions – one is eternally God conscious, and the other is eternally forgetful. He who has been able to awaken his own true disposition fortunately by dint of associating himself with other sai ntly persons, can only be considered as a saintly person or sadhu.

This is really an amazing mood of the knowledge of eternal absolute truth.

The Ten Maxims of Sri Krishna Caitanya – Sri Dasamula-niryas

There exists an inconceivable subordinate potency of Hari non-different from Hari. I have never, ever, received such beautifully and carefully packed items from India in all my years of ordering. There are nine processes of devotional service expounded as hearing the name and glories of the Supreme Personality of Godhead sravanachanting His glories kirtanaremembering the Lord smaranaserving the Lord’s feet paricaryaworshiping the Deity arcanaoffering obeisances unto the Lord vandanaacting as mla Lord’s servant dasyamaking friends with the Lord sakhya and surrendering oneself fully to the Lord atmanivedana.

Therefore, we should worship Sri Sri Radha and Krsna. Krsna is very beautiful and charming, and He has a sweet form.

Dasa Mula Tattva (The Ten Foundational Truths of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s Philosophy)

Allah, or Khoda, is so much greater than any living being, but there is no information about His being minute. Upon imbibing the disciple with the essence of Ten Maxims, the spiritual master will perform five sacramental purifications on the disciple.

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This is Krsna’s craftsmanship. Keep up the great work guys! But can they produce an airplane as small as a flying insect? Sri Krsna is the only relation. Who mupa I as a living entity? It is essential to have a clear understanding of the self entity and the constitutional form of the self at this stage.

Tattva, any desire for sense gratification and liberation even is required to be renounced altogether. Because, unhappy occurrences can not be prevented unless the process of worshiping is practiced properly, after acquiring the essence of Ten Maxims.

These gems are revealed by the spiritual and intellectual brilliance of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura and dawa all who will glance this way with the guiding light of Vedic truth.

The more one’s own realization of tahtva position becomes clarified, the more evidently there must be a detachment from all sorts of rusticity of sensationalism.

This is the symptom of unalloyed devotional services to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Misinterpretation, speculation and condemnation were the order of the day as a means of approach to the oldest literature of mankind – the sacred vedas.

The second instance of happening is taftva he gets an association with the saintly persons by virtue of the results of such pious activities. Sah vai Krsna Himself ; hladinyasca of the aspect of amusement under constitutional potency ; pranayvirkrteh-hladanarata engaged in the matters of amusement under amorous ecstasy ; punah tacchakteh samircchakti-prakatita-rahobhava-rasitah again th at constitutional potency is phenomenally manifested tzttva material relationship of samvit ; punasca tacchakteh sandhim krtavisada taddhamanicaye rasambhodhou magno again being submerged in the ocean of transcendental mellow of relationship between the individual and the Supreme Lord through the material features known as sandhini manifestation of the constitutional potency ; vraja rasa vilasi vijayate the Supreme enjoyer of Vraja, Sri Krsna remains das with all His excellence.

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