Cyberia has ratings and 23 reviews. Jonathan said: I read this when I was 12 or 13 and it blew my mind and changed my life. My curiosity about hacker. Douglas Rushkoff, Author HarperOne $22 (p) ISBN In “Cyberia,” artists, scientists and hackers explore virtual reality using prototype. Few things read as well as complete, self-abasing repentance. And cyber-guru Douglas Rushkoff’s new book must be a modern classic of the.

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This is a book I should have read 20 years ago when it was published as I have, during that time, become interested in many of the topics presented. There was a problem adding your email address. Ruzhkoff definitely remember being skeptical about the glowing endorsement of ecstasy and rave culture, though, even though love and oneness with a whole crowd did sound nice!

Cyberia reflects how our most creative minds once thought it could be done, and points to how we might still make good on that promise. cyberai

Cyberia: Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace

This largely sympathetic report from the latest frontier will undoubtedly strike many older readers as outrageous, but others especially those with clear memories of the 60’s may find much eushkoff the rhetoric familiar, even nostalgic.

It’s pronounced kind of like Ibetha, russhkoff still. Want to Read saving…. While some readers might wish the author had kept his nonsense detector more finely tuned, much of the book’s value lies in Rushkoff’s ability to resist patronizing his subjects.

My curiosity about hackers is what drew me to it, but it introduced me to the insights from the psychedelic revolution, the magic of chaos theory and fractals, and ideas about paganism, and even including a glowing description of roleplaying games.


Once united, humanity would move into an new era of prosperity, happiness etc. Aug 09, Dan Thaisz rated it it was amazing. Pablo Felix rated it it was amazing Oct 26, But Ruwhkoff prose is as crisp as ever, and his insights are probably even more valuable to the crises of our day.


Paperbackpages. Sep 28, Kyle Fnord rated it it was amazing. Some of them give prophecies of such an age and the dates they give have already passed.

The story grows out of conversations with the first “cyberians” – those who wrote the software, or cracked the sites, who took inspiration from complex maths and psychedelic drugs. Anyone who thinks the internet should be more than a giant lifestyles magazine that spies on you would do well to read this book. An interesting history of the early Internet and culture of psychedelics if a tad disjointed at times. They thought the internet was a web of minds and that being drugged helped us get into that web, become One.

Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace. How someone can be able to produce so rush,off bullshit in one lifetime. Not one editor you had one, cyveria In CyberiaRushkoff emphasizes a “cyberian counterculture” out to redefine reality, where people begin to comprehend the doug,as, cultural, and spiritual implications afforded by building a technological civilization. Jun 23, Bezaubernd rated it did not like it Shelves: Jack rated rushoff really liked it Jan 01, Also, there were several places where 15 seconds of research would have made it a lot less jarring the “shee”?

Cyberia (book) – Wikipedia

Re-reads have not been kind; the technology references and conception of the Internet as a whole are increasingly dated, the promise of fully immersive virtual reality as some sort of singularity moment in human consciousness is as much vaporware now as it was then, and the stories are Views Read Edit View history.

What it lacks in narrative quality although it’s very readable for non fiction, since it follows the researcher, his interviews doutlas it gives us in information about that era. Jul 13, Josh rated it really liked it.

Refresh and try again. This article about a sociology -related book is a stub. Dougals just rememb So wonderfully dated. Dec 17, Joshua Sorkin rated it liked it.

Feb 14, Brandur rated it liked it. McKenna never cease to amaze me. Nov 29, Brian rated it it was amazing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The core message I remember was that our beliefs, concepts, and inner programming are incredibly powerful in shaping our lives and the way we see the world. Sounds like they were too optimistic but on the other hand we didn’t get a dystopia either. It also had some good information on how these early cultures related to the Bay Area specifically, and talked about some of the early and long since extinct cyber clubs in SOMA.


Instead we all now what the internet has become and also how the real world has become. Douglas Rushkoff is a New York-based writer, columnist and lecturer on technology, media and popular culture. Very prescient, as it covers the earliest years of the internet, but also a lot more.

Cyberia is an ideas-led, exuberant documentary written in about the converging strands of this new era, the empowerments of cyber-technology and the emergent hacker and cyber milieu. It didn’t help that, for the rest of the book, the focus was entirely uninteresting, either to me or nostalgia-Cow; a world I want to run around and play in, but the camera keeps focusing on all the wrong, uninteresting things. The book discusses many different ideas revolving around technology, drugs and subcultures.

At any rate, I’m giving it five stars based on my memory of it, though I feel like I’d better re-read it.

CYBERIA by Douglas Rushkoff | Kirkus Reviews

You get the feeling that Rushkoff is either putting some fancy embroidery on some relatively mundane experiences, or that he’s just making it up whole-cloth, or that some pranksters were pulling the wool over his eyes. Nov 30, keys rated it really liked it. When I first read it, the interplay of anecdote and cultural critique was really rushloff to me; the narratives made all these media hackers and psychonauts seem real and wor This book was the primary reason that I cybria to Northern California, hoping to make a new life as a hippie cyberpunk, so in that way I have to credit it with changing my life.