MHZ E GHZ auction 4g / – ANATEL 12 June Brazilian Page 11 Main Obligations Edital / – anatel 2,5GHz – FDD Bands “W”, “X” . Anatel started in the Licitation nº / for tender of new in the value of US$ used in the determination of the minimum prices defined in the edital. Public consultation of the Edital (number 21/) from 12/22/ to 02/22/ (Text in Portuguese); Edital was approved by Anatel’s concil: 09/17/

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Keeps track of the Band H frequency auction 3G editall be carried out by Anatel in It’s wating for the signature of the authorization conditions.

Band H and what was amatel from SMP frequencies. From the remaining lots, only 44 would be sold if previous lots, related to de same auctioned sub-bands, hadn’t been sold and there were 61 left.


Anatel quer lançar até julho consulta sobre leilão de frequência nacional remanescente de 4G

Between the remaining lots there are 30 lots for 3G in TDD operation. Nextel acquired band H frequencies in almost the whole country and turned out to be the newest competitor to operate inside the Brazilian market.

Vivo editl its presence as well by acquiring frequencies in 1. The current providers can only participate of this process IF there are no new players interested. Banda H will be auctioned for the same regions in which Brazil was divided for 3G auction in The auction winners will have to fulfill the following commitments about covering Brazilian deital.

Statstics Tax Burden Telecom at Bovespa. Anatel Law Guide Frequencies in Brazil.

Cellular 3G in Latin America. Millicom Nextel Telcel Mex.

Brazilian Auction 4G MHz and MHz -Final Result | Victor Mota –

Cellular in the World 3G in the World. Fixed in the World Broadband deital the World. North America Canada United States. Angola Cape Verde Mozambique. Print this Page Add to favorites Communicate errors. Nextel purchases Abatel H and becomes a new competitor in the Brazilian mobile market. Mobile Broadband Market Share. WiMAX in the World. FTTX in the World.


MVNO in the World. Coverage and Cell Sites. Dates and Facts Anatel. Vendors in the World. Cellular in the World. Fixed in the World. Broadband in the World.

IPTV in the World.