Clan del Oso Cavernario, El – Los Hijos de La Tierra (Spanish Edition) [Jean M. Auel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. CLAN DEL OSO CAVERNARIO, EL (Spanish Edition) [JEAN M. AUEL] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Primera novela de la serie Los. Readers’ questions about El clan del oso cavernario (Los Hijos de la Tierra, #1). 9 questions answered.

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For me, this story explores a time that I have never explored or read and I have basis for comparison. Given that the author was using words to express non verbal communication, I can’t hold it against her.

It’s equally a story of love and abuse. I loved favernario main character Ayla; one of the bravest woman characters I’ve ever come across in a story.

In general, as historical fiction, it meets all my requirements. May 4,Crown. Language – 1 There was not use of adult language.

First off, I have to give kudos to Auel for all the research and time she put into this novel. I am so glad that there are quite a few more in the series as I have a feeling I am going to love the rest too, and I can’t wait to read them.

After traveling with them for a while and starting to heal, Ayla wanders away from the group when they stop to discuss what they should do since they haven’t found a new home and she discovers a huge, beautiful cave, perfect for their needs; many of the people begin to regard Ayla as lucky, especially since good fortune continues to come their way as she lives among them.

And kind of tragic. It was long and maybe just a little too descriptive at times She is taken in by a clan of Neanderthals, less Yesterday was one of those moments where I finished a book and went ” Auel tapped into by taking the fossils that we all have seen in museums and the numerous pieces of scientific hypothetical informati Fantastic! Ships from and sold by californiabooks.

El Clan del Oso Cavernario

And a few times it got pushed back on a shelf and I forgot I owned it and that it existed at all. This series shows all sides of life both good and bad which is one of the things that makes it so interesting to read.


Auel’s time-frame, somewhere between 29, and 26, years Eel or 28, and 25, BCE, corresponds generally with archaeological estimates of the Neanderthal branch of mankind disappearing.

Sometimes, I wanted to smack some sense into these Clan men–how dare you treat someone like that! Again, the depictions are not graphic.

I honestly cannot wait to start reading the next book.

See all 9 questions about El Clan del Oso Cavernario‚Ķ. I might buy them for myself for my B-Day! As of her books have sold eel than 45 million copies worldwide, in many translations. Honestly, I could go on for quite some time with all the things I completely loved about this book but I think I’ll finish by saying it’s great and you should read ep for yourself. I had no trouble at all visualizing this book in my head as I read and found myself wanting to read it anytime that I couldn’t be.

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Retrieved 23 November He treated her really badly understatement but I let it go because I assumed he’d have to beg for her forgiveness hero-groveling is a weakness of mine. The archaeological and paleontological research for this book was carried out by Auel from her public library, by attending archaeological conventions, and touring extensively on sites with briefings by working field archaeologists.

Scale 1 – Lowest 5 – Highest Sex – 2. My 7 Favorite read of A Unique and Entrancing 5 Stars When I am rating a book, I am internally comparing that book to other similar books in the genre and asking myself if it is on par with the best I have read. Iza has been left a widow by the quake, but is a very powerful medicine woman, so is provided for by Creb, the highly esteemed Mogur, or magician, of the clan who also pso to be her sibling. I read it a long time ago, I guess I forgot about those.

She is proud, strong, very intelligent, and able to make leaps of logic that often get her into trouble with her adopted people. I stopped reading them after the third book in the series. I love these books and have read some in the Earth’s Children series many times because I love the detailed descriptions of their way of life.

The part that I easily loved most about cavefnario story was its characterization. Women are basically treated like property. At first, the others in the Clan are afraid of her blue eyes and the water she produces when she’s sad, but as the time and later the years go by she becomes integrated into their small community. Ayla, having dreamed of being a mother for most of her life and now convinced that this may be her only chance due to her powerful totem, refuses Iza’s suggestion that she take medicine to lose the cavernariio.


Iza is a medicine woman and although the child is one of the “Others” a Cro-Magnon human and very different to the Clan who are Neanderthals she is unable to walk away fro Ayla is just 5 years old when she loses her entire family and everyone she has ever known to a cave in caused by an earthquake. Besides the vibrant setting, cacernario characters were detailed and intricate.

CLAN DEL OSO CAVERNARIO, EL (Spanish Edition): JEAN M. AUEL: : Books

I was never bored. The writing is a bit simplistic and kind of gets in the way at times. Through her differences, Ayla becomes a self-sufficient woman, able to take edl of herself. Regardless, Jean Auel clearly researched the available material and provide caverario interesting look into prehistoric life. It is still a very good book and is close to what they would have lived back then how the media use to portray them.

For a writer of historical fiction, a prehistoric setting poses a challenge; technically, the genre embraces any fiction set in the past, but its authors usually depend heavily on written records for lcan and background material, and for the Ice Age, no such records exist. Brun agrees to allow Iza to treat the dying child and to adopt her only if Creb can discover her personal totem spirit. She is not allowed to take her son with her.

El Clan del Oso Cavernario by Jean M. Auel (5 star ratings)

I assumed Broud would be her love interest since he was a main character and guessed he and Ayla would have an enemies-to-lovers plot line or something. I joked with friends that I didn’t even want to live in right now. Lawrence said, “Trust the tale and not the teller.