In we published a power supply called UniLab (project ). It was able to deliver 30 V and 3 A. This design can be considered its successor. Published in Elektor Magazine issue 7/ on page 78 Hardware usedProject PCB Vues | 0 d’outils Pro Tech d’iFixit. 3 septembre Depuis Juin , Robert Lacoste est Contributing Editor de Circuit Cellar, r├ędacteur October , Circuit Cellar (#): The Darker Side – A tour of the Lab (Part 2); August Septembre “Composants parasites”; Juillet ” Des.

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Tous les articles de Ton Giesberts.

Pololu – Free Elektor magazine April

I considered that I could build a system that was a little bit better. You can also sample up to eight analog signals, generate PWM and servo signals and more besides. This article offers a simple protocol for elekor the cable and covers PC programming in the C language as well.

  DIN 277-2 PDF

It should have display of voltage and current.

If it’s possible to do with PIC microcontroller it would be nice. Filtre elliptique passif du 9e ordre.

Universal power supply with switched mode modules [] par TonGiesberts. Circular Christmas Tree [] par TonGiesberts.

Site Map – Elektor

Halfway we designed a Christmas tree shaped as an upward spiral http: The extreme high production costs 0. A variation on the original design is making use of circular PCBs with decreasing diameters placed above each other. I had worked on some expensive models and initially I thought to buy one. But none of them was what I was really looking for. PC Watchdog [] par TonGiesberts. A counter continuously counts down either a clock generated by a separate oscillator or the main processor clock.

When the counter reaches zero a reset is generated. The PCB is designed to be mounted on a side panel to save space.

Elektor RS485 Mini Busknoten Temperatursensor [130468-I]

The PCB is only 22 x 33 mm and should fit in almost any enclosure. Up until now we only had digital T-Boards.


Why not an analog one? We asked ourselves what could be a useful circuit when experimenting with an analog design. First thought was audio. How about a little amplifier and speaker so no extra cables or 3,5 mm jacks need to be connected. Also no extra speaker has to be connected, septenbre you need is just on one little PCB.