Jacques ranciere en los bordes de lo politico. by Escuela de Derechos Humanos para la Convivencia Ciudadana – Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia. View Jacques Ranciere Research Papers on for free. La política en los bordes del liberalismo: diferencia, populismo, revolución. Rancière, violence seems to emanate only from the police in that they harm the .. En los bordes de lo político, Ediciones La Cebra, Buenos Aires,

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Furthermore, proposing the thesis that the aesthetic, as formulated in understandable terms in the ” regime of identification of art “is determined to turn its concepts into values.

Rosa Reitsamer, Wolfgang Fichna Hg. This comprehension of political sociology is about to have a loa from the convenient meanings and interpretations of this science traditional, modern and even postmodern and giving it more philosophical and interactive depth. Displacement, Diaspora, and Geographies of Identity. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Ideologia, alienazione e feticismo nell’interpretazione di Louis Althusser Tesi di Oolitico triennale in Filosofia della Storia.

Senses of Cinema 55, — http: Researching violence, democracy and the rights of people.

He thus moves from politics as a He thus moves from politics as a theory of agency to an aesthetic cartography of situations. It is a question of mapping the emergence of a political problem within a singular situation, and the ethics of such mapping is the insistence on the irreducible contingency of an existential choice of the problem. I will elaborate some new concepts “sites of incommensu-rability,” “experimentation,” “fragmentation of social space” and specify how the three logics of identification, dis-identification, and over-identification are three ways of constructing and dealing with situated problems.

Revista de Estudios Sociales. Christian Sternad, Siegfried Mattl Eds.

What is the essential nature of meaning? This book answers by examining interpretive theories from the past and present. It finds that an historical struggle with meaning has been underway since the It finds that an historical struggle with meaning has been underway since the Reformation, a struggle that reaches crisis proportions in the 20th century.


On the one hand, this crisis is mollified by Heidegger’s hermeneutical phenomenology, which argues that we are always already in a meaningful relationship to the objects of the world. On the other hand, this crisis is exacerbated when phenomenology, structuralism, and aesthetic theory directly make meaning into an object of study. These historical developments culminate with the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, whose non-hermeneutical phenomenology delimits a cause of meaning said to be closely linked to the core of subjectivity.

Intriguingly, Lacan’s work reveals meaning to be sexual in nature. By integrating his notion of sexual difference with his work in discourse theory and topology, this book demonstrates how the subject’s struggle with meaning can be suspended. Broadly speaking, the majority of books on Jacques Lacan focus on the earlier periods of his career. They also tend to target the psychoanalytic clinical community, or else discuss his work in various political, social, and cultural contexts.

But in almost all cases these books refrain from a detailed exegesis of his actual texts. They instead prefer to comment on his theoretical apparatus as a whole before turning to its practical implications. This book positions itself against this grain.

Firstly, it closely analyzes some half-dozen key Lacanian texts. This analysis is organized under a single thematic — the question of meaning — in order to advance the politick understanding of the trajectory of Lacan’s thought across his entire career, as well as to promote the book’s thesis that the field of meaning can be suspended. Accordingly, an initial chapter takes up the hermeneutical tradition from Flacius onward.

Jacques Ranciere Research Papers –

This is then supplemented by a chapter which surveys phenomenological, structuralist and aesthetic theories of meaning and their differing methods of textual analysis. Together these two chapters provide a unique context for the sustained analysis of Lacan’s texts which begins in the third chapter, an analysis that forms the bulk of the book’s content. This contextualization potentially widens the book’s appeal to any scholar wishing to explore his relationship to those textual objects he interacts with on a daily basis.


And because this book assumes the reader has little to no familiarity with Lacan, the reader will find patient explanations of the basics of his theories before slowly being led up to the more difficult theories of his late years.

Jacques Ranciere

Again the argument is that Lacan has something to offer all scholars. His work is not just reserved for psychoanalysts. It is with his late theories that the serious student of Lacan will find the book’s most original contribution. For in the fourth chapter a detailed account is provided of how Lacan derived his infamous formulae of sexuation from Aristotelian logic.

These formulae are then extensively discussed against the backdrop of interpretive theory and textual analysis, showing how these formulae capture much more than just the difference between the sexes. Strikingly, this difference is also found to run through meaning itself, something the final chapter aims to demonstrate.

It does this by amalgamating three key components of late-Lacan: This amalgamation is a first in the literature.

But this amalgamation is not just useful in demonstrating the book’s thesis. It further suggests how seemingly divergent aspects of late-Lacanian theory can be made lk work together. Die Welt der stummen Zeugen.

Die Geschichte im Medium der Literatur. Ads help cover our server costs.

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