Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Dividing the century into the Age of Catastrophe, –, the Golden Age, –, and the Landslide, –, Hobsbawm marshals a vast array of . Eric Hobsbawm was a rare bird himself: “the last living Communist”, as he was teased at his 90th birthday party, and one of the last committed.

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Following Hobsbawm’s death reactions included praise for his “sheer academic productivity and prowess” and “tough reasoning” in The Guardian. He brought history out of the ivory tower and into people’s lives”. Hobsbum Independent on Sunday.

Eric Hobsbawm

October 2,Guildford, SurreyPhil Collins b. Hobsbawm spoke favourably about PCI general secretary Enrico Berlinguer ‘s strategy of Historic Compromise in the s, seeking rapprochement with the Catholic Church and the Christian Democratsproviding passive support to the latter in government in order to bring the Communists into the political mainstream by accepting Italy’s position as a member of NATOhobsbau, being able to build broader alliances and convince wider sections of society of its legitimacy as a potential governing force.

They are also highly evasive. Not to mention the more obvious fact In his later years, Hobsbawm enjoyed widespread reputation and respect. Whether the remark says more about Hobsbawm or about the universe was something that he enjoyed disputing, confident in the knowledge that it was in some senses a lesson for them both.

Retrieved 9 January In he married again, this time to Marlene Schwarz, of Austrian descent. Kinnock publicly acknowledged his debt to Hobsbawm and allowed himself to be interviewed by the man he described as as “my favourite Marxist”. They divorced in Inthe young family settled in Vienna, where Eric went to elementary school, a period he later recalled in a television documentary which featured pictures of a recognisably skinny young Viennese Hobsbawm in shorts and knee socks.

Eric Hobsbawm obituary

Though he strongly disapproved of much of what later took shape as “New Labour”, which he saw, among other things, as historically cowardly, he was without question the single most influential intellectual forerunner of Labour’s increasingly iconoclastic s revisionism.


Still, whatever assumptions are made, the number of direct and indirect victims must be measured in eight rather than seven digits.

Hobsbawm wrote extensively on many subjects as one of Britain’s most prominent historians. Hobsbawm was never to leave the Communist party and always thought of himself as part of an international communist movement. Worlds of LaborPantheon Books His best-known works include his trilogy about what he called the ” long 19th century ” The Age of Revolution: I find it tragic, rather than disgraceful. With the onset of the cold war, a very British academic McCarthyism meant that the Cambridge lectureship which Hobsbawm always coveted never materialised.

The four volumes embodied all of Hobsbawm’s best qualities — the sweep combined with the telling anecdote and statistical grasp, the attention to the nuance and significance of events and words, and above all, perhaps, the unrivalled powers of synthesis nowhere better displayed than in a classic summary of midth century capitalism on the very first page of the second volume.

Inat a London benefit, he played Don Octavio to…. They had two children, Andrew and Julia. Unlike some others, Hobsbawm achieved this wider recognition without in any major way revolting against either Marxism or Marx. They moved to Hampstead and bought a small second home in Wales.

On everything he touched he wrote much better, had usually read much more, and had a broader and subtler understanding than his more fashionable emulators. Around this time he joined the Socialist Schoolboys, which he described as “de facto part of the communist movement” and sold its publication, Schulkampf School Struggle. It is impossible to understand the reluctance of men and women on the left to criticise, or even often to admit to themselves, what was happening in the USSR in those years, or the isolation of the USSR’s critics on the left, without this sense that in the fight against fascism, communism and liberalism were, in a profound sense, fighting for the same cause.

Eric Hobsbawm – Wikipedia

Politics made their impact around this time. A clerical error at birth altered his surname from Hobsbaum to Hobsbawm.

  ABNT 10007 PDF

Eric Hobsbawm and the rhetoric of “realistic Marxism ” “. World historyWestern history.

Eric Hobsbawm · LRB

Europe Under the Dictators — “. A fall in late severely reduced his mobility, but his intellect and willpower remained unvanquished, as did his social and cultural life, thanks to Marlene’s efforts, love — and cooking. In its citation, Downing Street said Hobsbawm continued to publish works that “address problems in history and politics that have re-emerged to disturb the complacency of Europe”. The first political conversation that he could recall took place in an Alpine sanatorium in these years, too.

Consider some of the “lines” our historian dutifully toed. The Age of Revolution: Had Eric Hobsbawm died 25 years ago, the obituaries would have described him as Britain’s most distinguished Marxist historian and would have left it more or less there.

Archived from the original on 2 March Yet, as with his contemporary, Christopher Hill, who left the CP at this time, the political trauma of and the start of a lastingly happy second marriage combined in some way to trigger a sustained and fruitful period of historical writing that was to establish fame and reputation.

He is survived by Marlene and his three children, seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Hobsbawm’s capacity to store and retrieve detail has now reached a scale normally approached only by large archives with big staffs”. Nothing else produced by the British Marxist historians will endure as hobzbaum books will. Retrieved 21 November Inwhen Hobsbawm was 12, his father died, and he started contributing to his family’s support by working as an au pair and English tutor.

Upon the death of their mother inhe and Nancy were adopted by their maternal aunt, Gretl, and paternal uncle, Sidney, who married and had a son named Peter.