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In JanuaryPresident Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan also issued a decree banning the use, production, storage, purchase, or sale of ammonium nitrate, after an investigation showed militants in the Taliban insurgency had used the substance in bomb attacks.

Pothole Blasting for Wildlife. The relative effectiveness factor of ANNM varies depending on the mix, but does not exceed 1.

Mines typically prepare ANFO on-site using the same diesel fuel that powers their vehicles. Wisconsin Conservation Department, Madison, Wisconsin Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 28 July It is not suitable for reactive environments. Retrieved 12 August Their lower density is due to the presence of a small spherical air pocket within each prill: Ammonium nitrate is widely used as a fertilizer in the agricultural industry.

Is a blasting agent of great versatility, specially designed to deploy a high level of energy and a large volume of gas, thus achieving excellent rock fragmentation. AN is highly hygroscopicreadily absorbing water from air. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

ANFO – Wikipedia

In an ideal stoichiometrically balanced reaction, ANFO is composed of about By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A Brief History of the Car Bomb. ANNM usually contains a In most jurisdictions, ammonium nitrate need not be classified as an explosive for transport purposes; explosivi is merely an oxidizer.

ANFO is classified as a blasting agent, meaning that it decomposes through detonation rather than deflagration at a velocity higher than the speed of sound in the material but cannot be detonated with a No.

ANFO is also widely used in avalanche hazard mitigation. A explozivo quantity of secondary explosive, known as a primer or a booster exllosivo, must be used. A total of people were killed, and 38 others injured when, within a short time, several ANFO bombs exploded near four apartment buildings.

Other explosives based on the ANFO chemistry exist; the most commonly used are emulsions. In explosjvo, a slight excess of fuel oil is added, as underdosing results in reduced performance while overdosing merely results in more post-blast fumes.

In many countries, its purchase and use are restricted to buyers who have obtained the proper license.

Can be used as a column charge in open-pits, underground, in quarries and for general blasting work. In surface mining applications, it is typically augured into boreholes by dedicated trucks that mix expkosivo AN and FO components immediately before the product is dispensed.

This section does not anro any sources. ANFO is a tertiary explosivemeaning that it cannot be set off by the small quantity of primary explosive in a typical blasting cap.


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Retrieved 16 April In other projects Wikimedia Commons. ANFO under most conditions is blasting cap —insensitive, so it is classified as a blasting agent [11] and not a high explosive. Storage and warranty Kept in its original packaging and stored in normal conditions of temperature and humidity, complying with current regulations, the product is guaranteed for 6 months from its date of manufacture.

Retrieved 3 March The material was believed to be linked to attacks previously carried out by the “Revolutionary Struggle” terrorist group. Retrieved March 3, ANFO You have doubts?

ANFO Premium® – Enaex

Sometimes, more AN is added to reduce liquidity and make it easier to store and handle, as well as providing an oxygen-balanced mix.

Kept in its original packaging and stored in normal conditions of temperature and humidity, complying with current regulations, the product is guaranteed for 6 months from its date of manufacture. When used in wet mining conditions, considerable effort must be taken to remove standing water and install a liner in the borehole; it is generally more productive to instead use a water-resistant explosive such as emulsion.