(From Enterprise, episode “Acquisition”; sloppy script-writing, as rule 6 (see above) was already given in DS9); Keep your ears open. Small print leads to large. Ferengi Rules of Acquisition [Complete List*]. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. From the Publisher. The Ferengi are greedy, avaricious, ruthless, cowardly and completely unscrupulous. For centuries the famous Ferengi Rules of Acquisition .

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This implies that the rules were not all created at once, and have been added to over the centuries. Don’t talk ship; talk shipping Keep your lies consistent.

Respect is good, Latinum is better Retrieved from ” https: Always sell at the highest possible profit Never begin a negotiation on an empty stomach. Never cheat a Klingon You can’t cheat an honest customer, but it rrules hurts to try 3. Greed is eternal When everything fails – run Wounds heal, but debt is forever fules You can’t buy fate Win or lose, there’s always Huyperian beetle snuff.


Home is where the heart or, but the stars are made of Latinum Copy and paste the HTML below into your website:. Win or lose, there’s always Hyperian beetle snuff.

If the profit seems too good to be true, it usually is Never bluff a Klingon The higher you bid, the more customers you drive away If they accept your first offer, you either asked too little or offered too much Latinum can’t buy happiness, but you can sure have a blast renting it Loyalty can be bought Latinum lasts longer than lust A Ferengi in need, will never do anything for free You are surrounded by opportunities; you just have to know where to look Ferengi’s don’t give promotional gifts!

Let the buyer beware No good deed ever goes unpunished.

Faith acquisktion mountains – of inventory Don’t trust anyone who trusts you Never have sex with the boss’s sister.

Never cheat a Klingon Similarly, in the first draft script of ” Body Acqquisition “, the rd rule was stated to be, ” People will buy anything Instinct plus opportunity equals profit Anything worth doing is worth doing for money No lobes, no profit Share and perish Never be afraid to mislabel a product.


Never buy what can be stolen Never question luck Never allow one’s culture’s law acquisitlon get in the way of a universal goal: From Enterprise, episode “Acquisition”; sloppy script-writing, as rule 6 see above was already given in DS9 Keep your ears open.

Never admit a mistake if there’s someone else to blame Aacquisition it on ice As the customers go, so goes the wise profiteer Acting stupid is often smart Always know what you’re buying Worlds of Deep Space Nine: