Panels – menu items / functions for interacting with HyperMesh. • Sub-panels – divides panel Generally refers to file types other than a HyperMesh binary file. HyperWorks OptiStruct Tutorials and Examples Learn more at The file is necessary for OptiStruct to recognize it as an input file. 3. All files referenced in the HyperMesh tutorials are located in the HyperWorks installation directory under /tutorials/hm/. If the location of your HyperWorks.

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A nearby node or surface vertex A nearby surface edge to project onto A nearby geometry surface or shaded element 4. Free edges indicating surface discontinuities of the clip geometry file: Click cut line and pick the line between node 4 and node 5.

Print…ition – optistruct-03-symmetry and draw direction applied topopt

Click create to create the load collector. Notice now the elements shading does not show any mesh lines. From the Import tab in the tab area, click the Import HM model icon 3. Obtain surfaces from elements. This deselects all entities in the browser list.

Go to the create sub-panel. Use this tool to get a better look at the material layout and the load paths from OptiStruct. Verify the auto create free edges check box is selected. Click find to find the elements. The model rotates in filehype direction of the arrow by the rotation angle specified in the options panel. Create a preliminary mesh. Change the entity type to nodes. For more details, see the HyperMesh online help. Correcting any errors in the geometry from import Creating the simplified part needed for the analysis Meshing a part all at once Ensuring proper connectivity of mesh Obtaining tutirials desirable mesh pattern and quality Exercise: Use the entity selector and the extended entity selection menu to select and unselect nodes and elements from the graphics area.


You should still be in the geom cleanup panel. Access the automesh panel.

Switch from mesh, keep surf to surface only. This vector goes from N1 towards N2. On the right side of the panel, click the switch and jyperworks name id.

Decrease diameter of cylindrical die – Altair HyperMesh – Altair Forum

Delete the surface that overhangs the round corner. However, they are not too small compared to the global element size, hyyperworks you can leave them as they are.

Use these options to access different areas of HyperMesh functionality. Activate the option move to: Click clear all to remove all temp nodes. As products increase in complexity, design becomes more multi-disciplinary and the requirement to efficiently deploy Multi-Disciplinary Optimization MDO becomes a significant design differentiator. Within, we will compare some of the results from these wind tunnel tests with numerical results obtained with Altair ultraFluidX.

Enter the edge edit panel in one of the following ways: Review the existing assembly elements from the Model browser. This results in complex structures which can only be built partially or not at all using conventional production processes.

From the Analysis page enter the OptiStruct panel.

Pinholes are closed free edge loops within a surface. In order to impact the product development process, MDO results must deliver to project timescales and in order to achieve this, a number of challenges need to be overcome. Click Apply and OK. SmartCore Datasheet Altair SmartCore open-architecture solution enabling advanced edge-to-cloud IoT applications and augmented data analytics powered by machine learning to drive the innovation. Go to the mask sub-panel.


The center of rotation square is relocated to the center of the screen. Click mask to mask the elements. Set the selector under draw type: Select three nodes for N1, N2, N3 to define a plane. Smart Grid Equipment Design From power plants that regulate their power output, to the coordination of centralized and decentralized energy supplies and fluctuations in power needs – Smart Grid is gaining importance and is expected to provide on-demand management.

OptiStruct Tutorials and Examples | Gonzalo Anzaldo Muñoz –

Altair Inspire Brochure Altair Inspire enhances the concept development process by enabling simulation-driven design to increase your product’s efficiency, strength and manufacturability. Click translate – twice.

Notice the component, geometry, is at the top of the list. All the fillets are removed. The delineation of the surfaces may or may not correspond to what you may expect or wish to obtain. Enter the Check Elements panel. Click on review and select the desvar solid. Page 2 of 8 Step 2: Automatically identify and remove rounded corners of surfaces. Note the areas that have irregular, poor quality mesh.