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Avner Cohen (born ) is a writer, historian, and professor, and is well known for his works His seminal work, Israel and the Bomb, which chronicled the Israeli nuclear program, was published in This book led him to encounter. Until now, there has been no detailed account of Israel’snuclear history. Previous treatments of the Israel and the Bomb. Avner Cohen. Copyright Date: Israel and the Bomb has 57 ratings and 4 reviews. Nick said: I, like, forgot how to read over the past few months. Back on the wagon, huzzah! A poor choi.

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The claim this month in The New York Times by the Israeli US-based researcher, Dr Avner Cohen, that the Israeli Army planned a nuclear test on the eve of the war fits a pattern which appears to bomn its accuracy.

The report itself generated less attention than Cohen may have hoped for — both inside Israel, where it was lost in the deluge of most celebratory media reportage on fifty years of the Six Day War, and among the foreign media which, with the exception of the original NYT report, ignored it. Drawing upon published sources, there have been other cases where the Israeli nuclear capability had been exposed or hinted at in order to message her enemies about her defense capability. On the 5th day of the October as Egyptian forces successfully crossed the Suez Canal and were making an advance towards Beersheva — or as Dayan told Mrs.


The intelligence information was passed by the Soviets, according to the news magazine, to Cairo and this, Time claimed, resulted in Egyptian forces interrupting its military advance. Indeed, Avner felt a need to quote from a rare lecture by Zvi Zur, the former IDF Chief of Staff and aide to the defense minister in the war, in which on the first day of the war itself he set up a committee of two — the head of the Atomic Energy Authority and Yaacov — to examine the possibility of a nuclear test in the Sinai Desert.

Avner Cohen’s last gasp?

A nuclear deterrent so secret that the enemy does not suspect it, loses its deterrent capability. Moreover, until a weapon has been tested — non-conventional or conventional — it fails to be a deterrent.


All this has led some countries to carry out nuclear testing by computer. Up tll then, Israel had claimed the building was a textile plant. This disclosure rang alarm bells in Arab capitals that Israel was following a nuclear program.

It has been suggested that Nasser launched the war partly in an effort to forestall the nuclear program. Thf training, Avner Cohen is a philosopher.

Among the courses he taught was one concerning the philosophical dimensions of the morality of nuclear warfare.

Israel and the Bomb – Avner Cohen – Google Books

In effect, foreign governmental archives have created a hole in the secrecy which Israeli defense officials have sought to construct around the nuclear theme. Yet the US authorities have ceded Israeli requests to close other avenues of nuclear-related information.


Access for bmb like Avner Cohen to Israeli-US nuclear-related archives of the Johnson Administration archives has been bomn. Another telling example was that in the days prior to the release from prison of Mordechai Vanunu — who sought to enter the US partly in order to appear before Congressional committees about his work at the reactor — US and Israeli authorities reportedly agreed that Vanunu would not be given a foreign passport to the US.

Israel and the Bomb

Among his publications are: The Whistleblower of Dimona: This photo taken on September 8,shows a partial view of the Dimona nuclear power plant in the southern Israeli Negev desert. His research interests include media and religion in Israel and Judaism; religion and news; foreign news reporting; defence and the media.

He completed a doctorate in political sociology at City University London. He was departmental editor, Israel Media, Encyclopaedia Judaica. Please, can you report this to the army?