I think that both Impossibilia and Smoke and Mirrors (The other main John Bannon book) are superb. Contained within both tomes is seriously. For the others here who are John Bannon fans, a question: I’ve been working through his books in reverse order. “Dear Mr. Fantasy” (which I. On this DVD/Video John Bannon teaches the best routines from his best selling book “Impossibilia: The Magic Of John Bannon.” The routines taught on this.

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You will immediately add many of them to your working repertoire. Sep 3, See a site map.

Smoke and Mirrors is tied for favorite along with Dear Mr Fantasy. There’s a lot of premises that are similar but most are very good. John Bannon is one of the most popular creators of close-up magic and his routines are regularly used by most professional and hobbyist magicians.

I do play it straight if I am using triumph as an opener. Where It Has To.

If so, it’s first-rate, also. I would pay many times the original price if I didn’t have it already. Thanks, everybody, for all of your replies. Read our privacy policy. Play it Straight Triumph: It’s good no doubt, but FAR from my favorite.

Impossibilia – The Close-Up Magic of John Bannon

Obviously it’s only worth what someone would pay for it, but I’m a big John Bannon fan and I’m just plain curious. A visual flash restoration of a torn piece of cigarette paper. A one-coin routine where a signed borrowed Quarter vanishes, appears, and changes into a jumbo join. Have a question about this product? Even though the mathematical “card folding” tricks don’t interest me as much, I like how detailed he gets in his explanation of them. JordanB Special user dallas, tx Posts.

  2904D JRC PDF

I have not impossibiliia these books for some time But they are on my shelf and that is what really counts.

I will PM you some potential resources. More material out of these two books made it ijpossibilia my performing repertoire than any other book except for Mike Close’s Workers series.

Mar 8, Looks like it’s gonna be the book and the DVD then! That way you can enjoy being fooled before you learn the secrets.

Meir Yedid Magic

He is looking like a lawyer not a magician I think. I’d highly suggest getting them all. The signed selection is now found in a sealed envelope that has been in full view the entire time. Aug 27, The Jonh video that I saw many years ago had John performing material from both of these books.

As a kicker ending the entire deck also umpossibilia its back color. Bigmac New user 72 Posts. If you do, what do you think? The spectator turns the top card of each and shows them to be aces. Babnon image of the selection appears on the signed photo paper. I still have it and am referring to it a lot of times.

My absolute favorite from Impossibilia is “Twilight Zone.

D Atkinson New user 95 Posts. View our magic tricks index.

Impossibilia – The Close-Up Magic of John Bannon – $ : L&L Publishing, eProducts Website

Discrepency City Prediction is also good. Apr 10, I also really like how he describes a complete routine, with verbal impossibklia that echo back and forth throughout the tricks, and I like the obsessiveness with which he tackles his effects.


Sep 2, The Other Brothers A Chinese coin is threaded and tied on a shoelace. While DMF is much more “interesting” the methods, the thoughts behind them Smoke and Mirrors is much more “thoughful” how certain cards are used, taking advantage of apparent weaknesses, ungaffing tricks.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Impossibilia

Jul 5, Seven duplicate cards are shown and a card is selected. Plus impossibiliaa and explanations to: View our Frequent Questions. Seven duplicate cards are shown and a card is selected. Fantasy” which I love first; “Smoke and Mirrors” which I like but which hasn’t killed me like “Fantasy” — impssibilia because I read it second, and perhaps because I appreciate the kind of “older” POV Bannon adopts in the latest book second.

I will definitely pick up “Impossibilia” at some point, although I may wait until I digest more from “Smoke and Mirrors. John Bannon is one of the most popular creators of close-up magic and his routines are regularly used by most professional and hobbyist magicians. We’re proud to let you read our mail. Stuff is all pretty easy imposskbilia do like whats been said, and I do like his coin stuff a lot.