ketustotram ||} atha ketustotraprArambhaH | asya shrI ketustotramahAmantrasya vAmadeva RRIShiH | anuShTupchChandaH | keturdevatA |. Ketu Kavacham is in Sanskrit. Tryambak is the rushi of this Kavacham. Anushtup is chanda. God is Ketu Bhagwan. Kam is Bijam. Namaha is. Ketu is “He Who Presents Obstacles” and is the South Node of the Moon. Ketu ( Sanskrit: केतु, ketu) is the introspective function of the mind that scrutinizes the .

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Ketu Kavacham is in Sanskrit. Tryambak is the rushi of this Kavacham. God is Ketu Bhagwan.

Ketu stotram – Navgrah Stotram

I am reciting this Kavacham for Ketu to stotramm the troubles causing because of Ketu. He has a thorn having many colures. He has a flag like shape. I bow to him every day.


Let my forehead be protected by Dhumrasamadhutti. Let my eyes be protected by Pingalaksha.

Let my ears be protected by RaktaLochana. Let my mouth be protected by Sinhikasuta. Let my throat be protected by Ketu. Let my shoulders be protected by Grahadhipa.

Let my breast be protected by Mahagraha. Let my waist be protected by Sinhasanstha. Let my middle part of the body dtotram protected by Mahasura. Let my knees be protected by Atikopana. Let my feet be protected by Krura. Let my all body be protected by Narapingala. Whosoever wears it, will become free from all diseases.

Stotra (hymns): Ketu Kavacham केतुकवचम्

His enemies will be destroyed. He will become victorious. Thus here ends Ketu Kavacham which is from Brahmananda Purana. In the horoscope if Ketu is badly placed, in bad houses then this Ketu Kavacham is required to be recited daily to avert the troubles because of Ketu. etotram


If Ketu happens to be with Moon or Venus Shukra in the horoscope, then troubles in married sottram are visible. If Ketu happens to be with Mercury Budha in the horoscope, then troubles in mental health and defects in nervous system are visible.

Ketu Stotram

If Ketu happens to be with Jupiter Guru in the horoscope, then married couple may not have an issue. Stotraam to be free from all such problems, one is advice to recite this Ketu Kavacham daily with faith, devotion and concentration. Posted by Prakash Ketkar at 5: Newer Post Older Post Home.