Repository: % % Release .. possible definitions: % (1) \relax, if there is neither label nor ref (ie, use % LaTeX settings). If you need non-stereotyped designs, the enumitem package gives you most of the flexibility you might want to design your own. The silly roman example above . parameters – please, see a LATEX manual for a description of them. . Here labelindent is a new parameter introduced by enumitem.

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This gives me two bullet points, that are nicely compacted together. Do you mean the spacing before or after the bullet?

enumitem – Control layout of itemize, enumerate, description

If I try this I get no unusual amount of whitespace, except before the bullet, as expected because of enymitem setlength. Below the complete MWE to make sure it compiles and added a section to see the indent before the bullet.


You do not have the required latec to view the files attached to this post. I mean the space between the bullet point and the “b” of blah.

I get an awful lot of white space. I attach an example. Unfortunatly I am using it in a more complex setting as per below, llatex I didnt think that would matter?

enumitem | Horizontal Spacing in List Items

Check your version of enumitemupdate your TeX system if necessary and do the settings properly. Yes the packages are the latest ver: Are you familiar with the term enumitek

If not, read this single post. As I explained I can not replicate the behaviour without putting in more code.

For example this works fine: Unfortunately this example does not compile on my computer since I don’t have packages algorithmwh and mcode. I do, however, confirm your troubles. Every step the indentation increases the space after the bullet increases, unfortunately I’m not very familiar with algorithms in LaTeX so I hope someone else knows how to solve this or that this information is enough for you to solve it yourself.


Below a real minimal working exampleexcluding the unnecessary packages and lines. As you can see I wish to include a set of five conditions in an IF statement, and I thought using bullet points might be a clear way of doing it.

Can you suggest another way in which I can present 5 conditions in an IF statement. I also am writing for a double col. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 4 guests.