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VISTA: La Ley No, para el Régimen de las Aduanas del 14 de febrero de VISTA: La Ley No, del 13 de diciembre del , de Reforma Fiscal;. Ley No. Sobre Comercio Electrónico, Documentos Y Firmas Digitales · Ley No. de .. Ley No. sobre Reforma Tributaria. Edward Allen S2c U INGIIS, Clarence ELigh Sic U Full Name: Ley, Robert George; Branch: Navy; Conflict Period: World War II.

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Articles 89 and 90 were enacted which addressed electoral matters.

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Start your 7-day Free Trial Get Access to this image and everything else on Fold3 Access to over millions of documents. An exclusive function of the Chamber of Deputies is to refer impeachments of public officials before the Senate in matters enunciated by Article 23, Section 4 of the Constitution.

S2c I U 3iPT55? This law derogates Ley No.

Legislation Dominican Republic (Lexadin)

There are two main bookstores located in Santo Domingo which specialize in Dominican legal materials. Trujillo, and finally democracy to present.

The homepage of the CARMJ provides links to the other two institutions and is particularly useful to understand the fundamental changes brought forth by these reforms, especially in criminal and family matters. Janney, Harold Lee The Official Gazette and the Judicial Bulletin were published without interruption during these years, and for 30 years, the basic laws underwent only minor modifications, despite the fact that the Dominican Republic was growing threefold in size.


The treatment of violations of such treaties should be the same as the treatment for violations of the Constitution [22]. Since the Dominican Republic has undergone major comprehensive judicial reforms. Two years later, on August 16, 557-50, independence was restored and a Second Republic proclaimed. Already a Premium member? Courts of First Instance. Law Firms Some law firms in the Dominican Republic serve as important sources for legal research; they provide in-depth analysis and discussions on legal developments in 55705 Dominican Republic via printed or electronic publications accessible on their homepages, ly translated into different languages.

The Gaceta Oficial [20] is the official source of law-reporting, and reports all statutes and laws passed by Congress, as well as decrees and 55-05 enacted by the Executive Branch. See our other membership options.

It shares with Haiti the island of Hispaniola, occupying two thirds of the eastern side of the island. The library has no online access to its catalog. Henry, Walter Harrison Funglode provides free access to the electronic text of the book, Tratados y Acuerdos Internacionales de la Republica Dominicana, —edited by Aida Montero Funglode, 14 v.

Supreme Court of Justice. Legislative Power Legislative power is invested in the National Congress, which is composed of two chambers: The University has two Leh Schools, one on each of its campuses. It indexes a selection of the most significant laws of the Dominican Republic, but only provides for the full text of the main codes: It also indexes the legal literature of monographs and journal articles published in 5557-05 Dominican Republic.

During the 22 years of Haitian occupation – the French legal system was imposed on the island, based on the Napoleonic Codes of Rodgers, Robert Lee Treaties and International Agreements.


The President promulgates and publishes laws and resolutions passed by Congress, and he has the constitutional authority under Article 55, section 2 of the Constitution, to issue decrees, regulations and instructions which are binding, but subject to legislative modification.

Libreria Juridica Virtual has a printed catalogue. See more on the main homepage of the firm under publications.


Stevenson, Arthur Bead Jansen, Bernard Lucas Land Courts The Land Courts are concerned exclusively with procedures relating to clearing title to property, registering real property, and resolving other questions relating to real property. The most relevant are: The Supreme Court of Justice was given constitutional authority to designate the judges at all levels of the Judiciary, and authorized to exert disciplinary authority over all its members, putting an end to Executive and Legislative control over judges and personnel of the judiciary.

Legal Websites Most of the government offices responsible for the regulation and supervision of specific social or economic sectors provide access on their homepages to the legal framework of the sector. The fundamental reforms of the Civil Code were authorized by Decrees No.