This is the official LG GM User Guide in English provided from the manufacturer. If you are looking for detailed technical specifications, please see our Specs. Full phone specifications: LG GM manual Dimensions: ,8 x 53,4 x 12,9 mm Weight: g GSM frequencies: /// Li-Ion mAh MS. , Bedienungsanleitung LG Electronics GM · LG Electronics GM , Bedienungsanleitung LG Electronics GO PHONE CG · LG Electronics GO.

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Any product or company names mentioned herein may be the trade marks of their respective owners.

LG Electronics Handy

Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider. This handset is not recommended for blind and disabled people as it has a touch screen keypad. Congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact GM phone from LG which is designed to operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology.

Entering and Searching for Information Changing your text message settings Switch off when instructed in hospitals and medical facilities Switch off when instructed in aircrafts and airports LG GM User Guide Symbol Description Switch off in explosive environments Do not use while re-fuelling This device may produce a bright or Symbol Description Do not rely on this device for emergency communications Only use approved accessories Please read these simple guidelines.

Not following these guidelines may be dangerous or illegal. When a carry case, belt clip or holder is LG GM User Guide used for body-worn operation, it should not contain metal and should position the product at least 1.

For SAR information in other regions please look under product information at www. Avoid damage to your hearing Damage to your hearing can occur if you are exposed to loud sound for long periods of time. We therefore recommend that you do not turn on or off the handset close to your ear.

We also recommend that music and call volumes are set to a reasonable level. It includes small parts which may cause a choking hazard if detached. Antenna Do not touch the antenna unnecessarily. Therefore, you should never depend solely on the phone for emergency calls. Do not dispose as household waste. Putting a heavy object on the phone or sitting on it can damage its LCD and touch screen functionality. Do not cover the protection fi lm on the proximity sensor of the LCD as this can cause the sensor to malfunction.

Booting time The cold boot time of the GM is about seconds. Please take a fi rst booting time cold boot into consideration. The cold boot will be occurred when you power on the device fi rst after buying it.

And when you make a cold boot, about seconds will have to be needed for the initialization of the fi le system. Installing the USIM and battery 1 Remove the battery cover Slide the battery cover towards the bottom of the phone and away from it. Do not remove the battery when the phone is switched on, as this may Insert the charger and plug it into a mains electricity socket.


If the battery is critically low, image for the critical low battery will be shown and notify user to charge more time. Slide the memory card fully into the slot, otherwise damage can occur. Do not attach or remove a memory card when the phone is switched on, as this may damage the memory card. Resetting the device You may need to reset your device occasionally. A normal or soft reset of your device clears all active program memory and shuts down all active programs.

This can be useful when the device is running more slowly than normal, or a program is not performing properly. You can also change the password by pressing Change Password.

Press and hold the following hard keys in sequence. Calibrate the device Calibrating the device screen Using your Touch screen Control the touch screen The controls on the GM touch screen change dynamically depending on the task you are carrying out. Opening Applications To open any Application, simply touch its icon. Select Mouse Mode if you want to use the Joystick as a trackpad to bedienungsanleituhg the mouse pointer on screen.

Click OK on the upper right corner. Select a layout for your device Home Screen.

If you press and hold an icon you will be taken to the edit menu where all the available widgets not yet on your screen will be shown in a bar at the bottom of the screen. Calendar and Tasks by tapping Options. Icon Description Touch to open your contacts. To search for the number you want to call: Enter the name of ebdienungsanleitung contact by touching New Contact touchpad. By tapping the Multi-tasking icon in the status bar.

From here you can view the applications that are currently running and access or end them with one touch. The following are some of the icons for the programs that are already installed on your device. Camera, Music and other Applications. Tools To Access an array of tools and utilities on your mobile device. Icon Description Contacts To keep track of your friends and colleagues.

LG GM Reviews, Specs & Price Compare

File Explorer Enables you to organise and manage files on your device. Getting Started Guides you through the general functions at device startup. Internet Sharing To use your device as an internet sharing device. Windows Media Enables the multimedia function on your device. Settings You can adjust the device settings to suit the way you work. Personal menu Icon Description Buttons To assign a program or function to a hardware button. Home Screen To select bedienungsnaleitung layout for your device.

You may need to do this when there are programs on your device that access GPS data tm750 you have connected a GPS receiver to your device. See Help for details. Managed Programs This is where you can see the installation history of your device. Domain Enrol Connect your device to company resources. Wi-Fi Allows you to customise Wi-Fi settings. The Input Panel icon appears on the menu bar to indicate which input method is currently selected. The Input Selector arrow gm7750 on the right side of the Input Panel icon opens a list of available input methods.


To change the input method, tap the Input Selector arrow. Llg the selected Icon input method is The on-screen keyboard Bedienungsqnleitung. Letter Recogniser is available when text entry is possible. Check to see the demo for writing characters. The preferred word list will disappear if there is no user response within 6 seconds. Enter letters by writing in the abc left area of the box. Enter numbers by writing in the right area of the box. Enter symbols and punctuation by tapping in either area of the box and then writing the desired character.

Tap once for the beidenungsanleitung letters and twice for the second letters. This mode is known as multitap mode.

For more information about using Transcriber, see Help on your device. To start Transcriber Start a program that accepts user input, such as Word Mobile.

Tap the Input Selector arrow and tap Transcriber. The horizontal portion of the gesture must be at least two times longer than the vertical portion. Do the gesture by drawing a line from right to left. Copy the selected text. Do the gesture by drawing a line from left to right and back. Cut the selected text. Do the gesture by drawing a line from right to left and back.

Paste copied or cut text. Do the gesture by drawing a line from the lower left of the screen diagonally up toward the right and back You can move the cursor one space to the right. Back and erase any text.

Help LG GM User Guide Drawing and writing on the screen You can draw directly on the screen, or write on the screen and save notes in your own handwriting. Writing if you want to draw or enter handwritten text in a note. Typing if you want to create a typed note. In the note list, tap New. Write your text on the screen.

When finished, tap OK to return to the note list. If you are adding a recording to a note, tap OK to return to the note list when finished. Searching for Information You can search for files and other items stored on your device in the My Documents folder or on the storage card.

Press the power key to lock the touchscreen to prevent calls being made by mistake. In-call options Speaker – Touch phone on.