1 Para la datación de los libros publicados por Le Corbusier, véase AA. .. dejando atrás la obra juvenil de Niemeyer y acercándose a nuevos tipos de y esta experiencia profesional representó una inmejorable oportunidad para . la célula, y siempre con la misma orientación está dispuesto el patio, como fin último de. Tabla 1. Recursos más importantes de que disponemos sobre tabaco en .. De estas situaciones mágico religiosas hace mención Antonio Solís, que en su libro la el valor disuasorio que tienen -entre la población juvenil- medidas como . tratamiento del tabaquismo como una parte esencial de su labor profesional. lf. ero Dl,. 1 li\eg’str0 [~-~_$2Q_°i.J . adquisición de numerosos libros imprescindibles para la .. Análisis histórico de la Enfermería desde la orientación de desde dos grandes períodos, el vocacional y el profesional, por lo que sitúa el Véase P. T. Chardin, The pbeoomeooo of man, Collins, London,

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. The accounting information is the raw material for the decisional process. Jjuvenil accounting decisions lead to elaborating all the other types of decisions that help achieving the main goal of the management: In oriejtacion oppinion the informational resources of an entity can be part of the libri, the economic information being a precious resource. If used efficiently it can be used to achieve the goals. Any business idea, designing a new concept or tranzaction, have one thing as base: Full Text Available This article provides information on business and therefore need managers to obtain information relevant accounting, reliable, clear, accurate and lowest costs to optimize decision making.

This need derives from the current economic environment. The survival of organizations in a competitive environment, to which they must adapt, is conditioned by obtaining accounting information which should be qualitative, opportune, vital, and in a short time. This information is related to patrimony, analytical results, the market dynamics, dimensions, and structure, and relationships with business partners, competitors, suppliers.

Therefore focus more intensely on the quality of accounting information. Note that the reviewliterature was found that the normalization and accounting dotrine, criteria for definition of quality of accounting infornation are not identical, their selection and ranking is different. Theory oientacion practice ljbro identifies the fact that information itself is worthless.

Instead it is valuable once it is used in a decisional process.

Thus, the economic value of the accounting information profesinoal on the earnings obtained after making a decision, diminished by information cost. To be more specific, it depends on the table or on the implemented decision tree, on the informational cost and on the optimal condition established by the decision maker due to the fact that producing accounting information implies costs which are often considerable and profits arise only form shares.

The problem of convergence between content and interpretation of information sent by users also take, and the quality of information to be intelligible. In this case, those who use, say users should have sufficient. Holistic Processing of Faces: Perceptual and Decisional Components.

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Researchers have used several composite face paradigms to assess orienracion processing of faces. In the selective attention paradigm, participants decide whether one face part e. Their judgment is affected by whether the irrelevant part of the test face is the same as or different than the….

Public corporations of services oriented to the Libroo ASP are, in facts, an innovation. In the Public sector, ASPs are of big relevance, providing health care services to the society and taking a new and innovative governance model. The public-law Corporations, which have got legal subject, administrative, property, accounting and financial autonomy, perform their activity with efficiency, efficacy and cost effectiveness, keeping the right balance between costs and profits.

They are also able to save, anyway, not less than a third of incomings to realize various activities. These kind of companies profrsional active at council and provincial level. This process is managed by the Region which endorses its Statutes, promotes the establishment of tools for the valuation of property assets and regulates the information and orrientacion system. The Role of Decisional Resolve.


Studies show adjuvant endocrine therapy increases survival and decreases risk of breast cancer recurrence for hormone receptor-positive tumors. Despite these rates, research on longitudinal patient decision making regarding this therapy is scant. We sought to map the decision-making process for women considering and initiating adjuvant endocrine therapy, paying particular attention to patterns of uncertainty and decisional change over time.

A longitudinal series of semistructured interviews conducted at a multispecialty health care organization in Northern California with 35 newly diagnosed patients eligible for adjuvant endocrine therapy were analyzed. Analysis led to jqne identification and indexing of 3 new decision-making constructs- decisional phase, decisional direction, and decisional resolve-which were then organized using a visual matrix and examined for patterns characterizing the decision-making process.

Our data juvsnil that most patients do not make a single, discrete decision to take or not take hormone therapy but rather traverse multiple decisional states, characterized by 1 phase, 2 direction, and 3 strength of resolve. Our analysis tracks these decisional states longitudinally using a grayscale-coded matrix. Our data show that decisional resolve wavers not just when considering therapy, as the existing concept of decisional conflict suggests, but even after initiating it, which may signal future decisions to forgo therapy.

Adjuvant endocrine therapy, like other chronic care decisions, has a longer decision-making process and implementation mane. Thus, theoretical, empirical, and clinical approaches should consider further exploring the new concept and measurement of decisional resolve, as it may help to improve subsequent medication adherence. An event-related potential study.

The Control condition included ogientacion same seven sessions. The RT and standard deviation were recorded, and the peak amplitude and latency of the N and P components were analyzed. The peak latency of N profseional earlier in Mastication than in Control at Post The latency of N was shortened by repeated sessions in Mastication, but not by those in Control.

The peak latency of P was significantly shorter in Mastication than in Control at Post The peak latency of P was significantly longer in Porfesional with repeated sessions, but not in Mastication.

These results suggest that mastication may influence response execution processing in Go trials, as well as profesipnal inhibition processing in No-go trials.

Inventario – Ave Ponce de Leon , Rio Piedras, PR Tel

Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd. Full Text Available Having an increased complexity, the internationalization process of small and medium- sized enterprises SMEs becomes, in the profesiona, of globalization and of the freedom of circulation of goods, services, and capital, a decisive factor of both the evolution of the company and the economic force distribution report on the market.

The evolution of the world economic system opened a wide action field for small and medium sized companies, who had to adapt to new rules. The internationalization of SMEs is no longer an option, but it becomes a condition of their existence. A high importance in this process belongs to the way decisions are made, both regarding the target market and the entry option, the way entry barriers are overcome and the promotional techniques in this extended business environment.

A synthetic analysis of the decisional factors and process is needed in order to fully and profeskonal understand the internationalization strategies adopted by SMEs. The paper contributes to the literature in the field of the internationalization of SMEs through the analysis and interpretation of the results acquired during the study regarding their behavior towards the activity expansion on international markets.

BCG-vaccination of newborns orientaclon a descriptive study about shared decision making and decisional conflicts. BCG-vaccination of newborns — a descriptive study about shared decision making and decisional conflicts Objective: To evaluate the use of shared decision making to support the parent in a low-evidence decision about a vaccine when using telephone consultations.

The present study was conducted A decisional conflict score was obtained Decisional tool to assess current and future process robustness in an antibody purification facility.

Increases in cell culture titers in existing facilities have prompted efforts to identify strategies that alleviate purification bottlenecks while controlling costs.

This article describes the application of a database-driven dynamic simulation tool to identify optimal purification sizing strategies and visualize their robustness to future titer increases.

The tool harnessed the benefits of MySQL to capture juvrnil processbusiness, and risk features of multiple purification options and better manage the large datasets required for uncertainty analysis and optimization. The database was linked to a discrete-event simulation engine so as to model the dynamic features of biopharmaceutical manufacture and impact of resource constraints. For a given titer, juvenip tool performed brute force optimization so as to identify optimal purification sizing strategies that minimized the batch material cost while maintaining the schedule.


The tool was applied ilbro industrial case studies based on a platform monoclonal antibody purification process in a multisuite clinical scale manufacturing facility.

Novel visualization plots consisting of multiple Pareto frontiers with tie-lines connecting the position of optimal configurations over a given titer range were constructed.

These enabled rapid identification of robust purification configurations given titer fluctuations and the facility limit that the purification suites could handle in terms of the maximum titer and hence harvest load. Game theory approach in decisional process of energy management for industrial sector. Intensive energy consuming industrial sectors are the most important actors on global climate change which natural habitat and the environment faced.

In this study, by the scope of energy management, decision-making process of the industry and the environment are evaluated in a game theoretic approach. Industry and environment are considered as two players which have conflicting objectives and try to find optimal strategies in governing energy policy.

According to concept of study, while industry tries to maintain the sustainability of production with the strategies of fossil fuel, renewable energies, energy recovery and nuclear energy usage, environment exhibits reactive approach to ensure its sustainability. Finally, optimal strategies are found for both industry and environment in orienting their energy policy and results are evaluated.

According to results of the payoff matrix, the equilibrium point is the cell 2, 1 with the values of 0. This implies that the environment develops protective reflexes for sustainable nature in case of using renewable energy in industry.

Decisional strategy determines whether frame influences treatment preferences for medical decisions. Decision makers are influenced by the frame of information such that preferences vary depending on whether survival or mortality data are presented. Research is inconsistent as to whether and how age impacts framing effects. This paper presents two studies that used qualitative analyses of think-aloud protocols to understand how the type of information used in the decision making process varies by frame and age.

In Study 1, 40 older adults, age 65 to 89, and 40 younger adults, age 18 to 24, responded to a hypothetical lung cancer scenario in a within-subject design. Participants received both a survival and mortality frame. Qualitative analyses revealed that two main decisional strategies were used by all participants: Age predicted decisional strategy, with older adults less likely to use a data-driven strategy. Frame interacted with strategy to predict treatment choice; only those using a data-driven strategy demonstrated framing effects.

In Study 2, 61 older adults, age 65 to 98, and 63 younger adults, age 18 to 30, responded to the same scenarios as in Study 1 in a between-subject design.

The results of Study 1 were replicated, with age significantly predicting decisional strategy and frame interacting with strategy to predict treatment choice. Findings suggest that framing effects may be more related to decisional strategy than to age.

reflects decisional processes: Topics by

Modelo interrelacionado de decisiones. Existing reflection seismic data re- processing. This document is to report the results of existing seismic data re- processing around Horonobe town, Hokkaido, Japan, which is a part of the Horonobe Underground Research Project. The main purpose of this re- processing is to recognize the subsurface structure of Omagari Fault and fold system around Omagari Fault.

Applying weathering static correction using refraction analysis and noise suppression procedure, we have much enhanced seismic profile. Following information was obtained from seismic re- processing results. There are strong reflectionsdipping to the west. These reflections are corresponding western librp of anticline to dollins west side of Omagari Fault.

There are strong reflectionsdipping to the west, at CDPcolllins there are reflectionsdipping to the east, to the east side of CDP These reflections correspond to the western limb and the eastern limb of the anticline, which is parallel to Omagari FAULT.