My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer Logical Chess Move By Move by Irving Chernev The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal by Mikhail Tal Bobby Fischer. It seems that Nunn (who is undoubtedly a stronger player than Chernev was) is correct in his criticisms of certain instances of analysis in. All 33 games from Irving Chernev’s book Logical Chess: Move By Move (Every Move Explained), Faber & Faber ; New Algebraic Edition B.T. Batsford, .

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It has the the thoughts of a human master-level player, which are, mistakes and all, better than the all computer analysis lines that anyone can generate.

Horowitz and Fred Reinfeld More comprehensive than Fischer’s puzzle book; introduction to openings, tactics, and endgames that promote pawns to queen or knight. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. I have 2 complaints. It is not that the games aren’t exciting because they are but with a comment after every move, he starts to sound like a broken record in the beginning of the games. The section on the kingside attack was chernve applicable to my own games, and I adored the included Capablanca games.

You may want to consider one of these in addition to “Logical Chess”.

His ideas may be right but I think they should be delivered with respect for a man who is a very great writer and teacher of chess. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Logical Chess : Move By Move : Every Move Explained

Jan 01, notgettingenough rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dad beat me every game we played from 6 years old to the ninth grade. In most games, a certain number of captures must occur to clear off defenders and make way for invasion before a checkmate can happen. I found it in about 10 seconds using Google’s Search Engine.

The reader will also note that in some instances I have inserted my own supplemental games by the same player or ECO code Playing through these games and explanations gives real insight into the power of the pieces and how to post them most effectively.


Tal surely did not learn anything new; it served as a reminder. Chernev is also an engaging writer, writing with passion whenever a good move is played. At least then I would not have had such an ego problem and there were no chess engines to argue with.

In fact, many would suggest using two chessboards when conducting a self-study: Amateurs should also use this approach. Every move is explained and avoids the mundane paragraphs of chess notation. Otherwise, this book imparts a fantastic vision such that novices should see their strategic vision begin to develop upon reading it. IMBacon 8 min ago. I own about chess books. This book was recommended to me when I returned to the game as an adult last year In my experience chess is not a good way to meet girls.

You love her to bits, and because of that you don’ This is not a chess book. To develop strategical considerations — a long term plan when forcing tactics are not available — the learner should play through many annotated games that explain the reasoning behind the moves.

Learn arithmetic before you tackle algebra. Jan 09, Tom Ritman-Meer rated it it was amazing. In this popular classic, the author explains 33 complete games, in detail, move by move, including the reason for each one. Playing through these games and explanations gives a real insight into the power of the mive and Nevertheless, I’ve found my rating rise from somewhere around to just over in logicap reading of these pages. It contains almost twice as many games and can be found very cheap on amazon http: I could not have been more stupid in ignoring this book so long, not to mention being wrong about all of the above.

Why not just read Nunn, because Chernev is a good read and easy to understand and implement it’s a good place to start as either a chess student, or as a primer used by a chess chednev.

Logical Chess: Move By Move (Chernev) – COMPLETE

Books that have a collection of annotated games from first move to last like Logical Chess must be read while seated at a table with a chessboard to play out each move on the board. Sign up using Facebook. Before attempting Logical Chess, I recommend that true beginners read the following books three times each yes, at least three times because it gets clearer — easier, smoother with each reading as information is assimilated with prior understanding.

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Blame it on Chernov, Dad, and I was no slouch. For me this filled the gap between the Masters’ books that i do not understand talking about positions 6 moves down the line, and beginners’ books that tell you how the knight moves. Jan 28, This book is far from the most contemporary in There is also a sufficient number of diagrams so that you won’t get too lost as the game progresses.

It’s an excellent book, I recommend it highly. First, the analyses are sometimes not complete or contain slight errors. In some situations a pawn in front of castled king gets moved and he’s like “what a terrible move, don’t violate the king’s safety!

Logical Chess?

I agree, it’s very hard to post “great” questions, and xaisoft really is doing a super job posting questions. Granted, the book was originally written in the s, so we don’t have the pleasure of cherneb Chernev’s reaction to games by the likes of Fischer, Tal, and their contemporaries. Batsford- Games – pages. You love her to bits, and because of that you don’t really want to mention the Oct 21, Will Once rated it really liked it.

It really is a good book with fun games. This might just be the best book for class players to read. His love for chess is immediately obvious, and of course, contagious.